First Post – Tackling Procrastination: The Ghosts of Projects Past

Having been a creativity coach for almost 15 years doesn’t make me exempt from the pitfalls; my life goes out of kilter, I lose confidence, I get stuck, I think unhelpful thoughts, I procrastinate. But if I’m to ‘walk my talk’ I need to continually address these things. In this blog I’ll share how I do this in my creative life. In doing so, hopefully I’ll help my readers gain greater creative fulfilment and focus more effectively on their creative dreams. I’m also blogging to inspire, motivate and help myself and others increase and maintain creativity. I’ll probably blog about a few other creative things too. I hope you decide to join me on this journey.

Today, I’m starting by blogging about procrastination…

The Ghosts of Projects Past

GhostsI stepped into the new year with a trail of unfinished creative projects skulking behind me. As we head towards February they remain lurking in the shadows like restless ghosts whispering that they’re incomplete. However today I promised myself to lay them to rest before I work on any  new projects. No more procrastinating, I’m going to finish them!

IMG_1103Whatever our creative vent, unfinished objects and projects tend to hang in the corners of our awareness, stopping us give full attention to the jobs in hand and making us feel as if life is an unending list of chores. My first step in reclaiming this energy that my unfinished objects and projects are leaching is to get the ghosts out into the open.

Nice and simple – and not too scary – I made list of projects that I’ve started but not worked on for quite a while or that I’m avoiding working on…

 Bekki’s Long Term Procrastination List

  • A short story – working title The House at the End of Our Street
  • A Bethlehem star block that needs to be turned into a cushion
  • A block I designed to make into a cushion
  • Four pairs of tiebacks for the kitchen/diner curtains
  •  The Beast in the Box!

Bethelhem Star Block Long Whitby Check Curtains The Beast in the Box

Creating this sort of list can take time as we don’t always remember everything on our first sweep. We therefore need to allow our thoughts to bubble away in order to find everything that belongs on the list. I’m therefore giving myself, and anyone who wants to join me, a couple of days – yes, we can procrastinate just a little longer – to make sure we’ve identified everything.

While you’re enjoying you last days of procrastination making your list, you may find it helpful to consider the following three categories and ask if you have any unfinished objects or projects that fit into them.

  • Projects you work on these just for the pleasure of it
  • Items you create for practical use or that you intend to give as gifts
  • Projects you will (or hope you will) make money from

Once you have your list ask of each item,

‘Why am I reluctant to work on this?’

Note your answers for each.

Good luck sniffing out all your unfinished objects and projects! I’ll be back in a couple of days to take the next steps in tackling what I’ve found.

14 thoughts on “First Post – Tackling Procrastination: The Ghosts of Projects Past

  1. I have recently found the release to give away anything that I really can’t face finishing – something I used to like and now don’t but have also found that the joy of completing something thats been half done for ages is real really satisfying too.
    Good luck Bekki!

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    1. Good for you Jan! Not easy to let go of unfinished things, but yes, once it’s done how good it feels. Hoping to get great satisfaction from completing my abandoned projects too. Thanks for the good luck wishes.


    1. Well done on getting rid of the practical jobs Lisa. Love your paintings, so glad you’re finding more time for your creative backlog.


  2. I had to giggle when I read your post, I have an ongoing blog articles document, (I try to write everyday and then usually post one each week) one of the unfinished posts is about creativity blocks and UFOs – ironic eh?

    I agree that UFOs tug away at the edges of our creative minds, its the inner critic that seems to loom loud telling me I don’t stick to anything. However, I have discovered that I need some time for projects to evolve, for example it took me a year to do a painting, I had to have it up on the wall for a while while I figured out what I needed to do next. Suddenly I had a moment when I felt it was the right time to pick up the brush again. Sometimes UFOs destined to be cushions (because we enjoyed the making of the block but can’t think of anything better to do with it) evolve into wall hangings or are just the right thing to give a friend for their new home. Maybe they should be works in progress – it seems less of a telling off.

    What’s key in my opinion is that sense of play, sometimes things are just creations – us playing with a technique or a skill it doesn’t have to become something else – its all about the doing rather than outcome. Its about being kind to our creative selves rather than treating our creativity as some form of work defined by output.

    I pick up half finished projects in charity shops and change them, maybe gifting something that you no longer feel the desire to move forward is a way of recognising you have got what you wanted out of it or that you simply are waiting for the next stage to evolve.

    I am interested to see what these projects become, and I am more than happy to wait…;-)

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    1. Thanks for your well observed comments. I agree with you that approaching our creations with a sense of play and being kind to our creative selves is all important and an essential part of fostering greater creativity. Our relationship with out creativity and with ourselves are amongst my top reasons for starting my blog. I want to log my relationships with my creative projects and the attitudes I chose to take towards them. In doing so, hopefully I’ll inspire others to explore their relationships and attitudes with theirs.

      It’s good to hear you’ve got such a great relationship with your creativity and I love that you rescue half finished projects from charity shops.

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      1. Thank you! That’s such a lovely thing to say. You’ve made my day and it’s only 6.20am. Now, with my fierce hat on, are you serious about the book? That wink is confusing me.

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