Jekyll and Hyde knitting

NAKNITMO, it turns out, has turned me into the Edward Hyde of knitting. Although I couldn’t consciously work out where to squeeze extra stitches, my subconscious skipped off looking then came back and gleefully announced,

I know how you can do more knitting!

It was right. There was space for just a little more…

Our kettle boils on the aga, so no magic switching off on its own. When lovely husband’s asleep first thing, I don’t move far away from it, so the whistle doesn’t wake him. It doesn’t take long to boil, but I can fit in a quick 30 stitches of a square for the giant knitted Christmas tree as I wait.

20151110_163104 (1)

The other new knitting spot I’ve found is courtesy of British Telecom. They’re fitting superfast broadband in the village. Meantime this activity makes our connection rather intermittent. Instead of fighting to open a webpage when the internet goes flat for a few minutes, I knit a row. Unless I’m in a real hurry, this not only halts the gnashing of my teeth, it makes me feel rather smug that I fitted in a few more stitches.

20151110_162905 (1)

Despite the calming influence of knitting while my broadband sorts itself out, I still think fitting knitting in like this is rather OCD. I know we all get a bit manic from time to time, it’s great to have a challenge and focus can be a real benefit. However is it really healthy to be manically knitting stitches to hit some arbitrary target?

I’m not someone who gives up. So for now, Mr Hyde persona is going to keep clocking up those stitches. But come December, I’ll stop counting and ensure my knitting returns to being a relaxing, Dr Jekyll style activity.

Poolside knitting

How’s your crafting going at the moment? Are you a chilled Dr Jekyll or a manic Mr Hyde?

Bekki Hill

36 thoughts on “Jekyll and Hyde knitting

  1. I’m not taking part in the national knit mania, write mania, or anything else mania as I have enough going on with my own Christmas mania this year. I just have to get all my Christmas gifts completed by that end date…….One crochet top waiting to be sewn up, one shrug on the needles, but only just and another to come after that. The Bavarian Blanket is steamed and set, folded nicely waiting to be wrapped, but the cat has his eye on it……… the special hand made everything Christmas cards had their first attack today and hopefully ten will be completed by tomorrow – I set up a kind of assembly line to get them done in time this year. The fruit for the Christmas pud is lying around in brandy getting sozzled, the handmade name tags for gifts are punched and need assembling, I have assembled all the ingredients for the place mats for Christmas dining and just have to put them altogether – If I can get all this done by the end of the month I’m ahead 🙂

    The ultra fast broadband is fab, but eats up your monthly allowance if you have a set amount and start watching movies on You Tube and streaming shows and music like I did 🙂 So I went unlimited and now do everything on-line!

    I’m looking forward to seeing this giant Christmas tree!!

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    1. Crickey! I’m worn out just reading that! Sounds like you’re creating a wonderful Christmas. I’m looking forward to seeing the tree too. I wonder how tall it will end up?


  2. I’ve nothing on at the minute so am feeling rather chilled, but then I think about what I want to do in time for Christmas and my brain goes into a frenzy and my heart starts pounding! Love you you don’t waste a second. Every stitch counts 😀

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  3. Definitely a Mr Hyde at this time of year! Made a pair of gloves yesterday and a fourth square for Calais and managing to stay on schedule for all those Christmas gifts. Today I have to finish two pairs of slippers for the Minerva blog which goes live tomorrow and finish the last of seven lacy scarves. In fact I should be squeezing in a few stitches now whilst hubby does the school run….

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    1. You’re going great guns. Look forward to seeing the slippers. So impressed with the number of scarves you’ve knitted. I’ve only done one square as I had to post yesterday, because I won’t be back past the post office until past the deadline. But I’ll keep going for the next run, so do let me know when the deadline for that is known.

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  4. LOL, your kettle will take a long time to boil! I love the idea of packing knitting into all these little slots of time – you appear to be relishing your target and enjoying finding these little spots of time. What a great post!

    I have been going the other way – I am studying couture sewing which is about slowing down and introduces a lot of extra steps! unfortunately the problem with dressmaking is that you can’t transport it as easily as knitting!

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    1. Ha ha! You sussed that’s he’s only posing 😉 Couture sewing sounds amazing! Bet you’re having lots of fun with that. Look forward to seeing the results. I know what you mean about portability -that’s why my sewing comes in fits and starts, while knitting gets pulled out each time I sit down. My poor machine is buried – need to pull it out to get on with some Christmas makes and some house stuff!

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  5. I could write you a list of what I’m not doing. Unfortunately I have a huge work headline to hit for Thursday evening to enable me to go on holiday on Friday. So it’s just work, eat and sleep for me!

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    1. Black belt knitting! I like that. I’m interested to see what I get knitted in November too. I’m always craving tea, and with the weather so bleak at the moment, I wouldn’t say no to coziness either 🙂

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  6. Oh, funny! Every stitch counts indeed, but only if you’re still getting enjoyment out of it… I hate knitting /sewing to any kind of deadline, really not for me! Clearly works for you though, just watch that knitting doesn’t catch fire! 😉

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  7. I had various ‘stuff’ going on in September and October that put me so far behind with makes that I’ve actually given up thinking I’m going to get any of it done – it’s less stressful that way. I’ve made one major gift and anything else I manage to produce will be a bonus.

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    1. Sorry to hear about the ‘stuff’ Sounds as if you’re taking the right attitude. Easy to put to much pressure on ourselves for not doing things when life takes priority.


    1. Ha! I have a friend with a January birthday whose knitted present is wavering between being birthday or Christmas depending on if I finish in time. Being poorly is so frustrating. I’m glad you’re on the mend. x

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      1. Ha! I wrote a blog post ages ago about wasting time because I was in such a messy state – bet you know that one too. Mind, there is research that says people are more creative in mess 🙂

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