NaKnitMo – What does 50,000 knitted stitches look like?

Woosh! Was that another month gone by?

Oh yes, November has ended and with it NaKnitMo – the challenge to knit 30,000 stitches in a month – or however many you set your goal at.

At the start of November I set my NaKnitMo goal for the standard 30,000 stitches, because I had no clue how much knitting 30,000 stitches created or how quickly I would knit them.

By 20th November I’d knitted 30,000 stitches, so I raised my goal to 50,000. By midnight last night I’d completed 51,811 stitches. But on Sunday 29th I reached 49,987 stitches. So here’s what I’d achieved by yesterday morning in 50,000 (-13) stitches….

3/4 of a feather and fan scarf – approx. 15,000 stitches…

Lace leaf Shawl Blacker yarns Blue Faced Leicester

4 squares (and a few rows) for Charity blankets

One pair of mitts…

Heart Vine Lace Mitts

One and a bit cowls…

This much of my colour block jumper…

Colour Block Jumper
My car project, abandoned in favour of knitting the aforementioned charity squares in the car.

Played with some stitches…


The yoke of Lovely Eldest’s Christmas jumper…

Gingerbread man Christmas jumper
I admit this is Lovely Youngest’s Christmas jumper, but it’s acting as Lovely Eldest’s Christmas jumper’s stunt double.

My KnitBritish Ryeland Swatch

Ryeland yarn swatch

…and That Shetland Wool Week Baa-bble hat


Still in need of a pompom

To me that feels very bity and not a typical knitting month, as I changed tack to knit charity squares, when the calls came out for them. I also only started the feather and fan scarf because it was Wovember and I wanted to start and finish something knitted in 100% British wool during November. Obviously I failed with the scarf, but the baa- bble hat is 100% British wool, so I didn’t fail to start and finish something knitted in 100% British wool during November.

All this bitting and batting makes me wonder if I’d be more satisfied if I was a more monogamous knitter?

Unfortunately counting stitches also encourages me, even though I don’t need encouraging, to knit rather than sew up what I’ve knitted. As you can see, several projects still need sewing up. So off to get my sewing needle out. What are you up to today?

Bekki Hill


43 thoughts on “NaKnitMo – What does 50,000 knitted stitches look like?

    1. It’s a great hat. So many people are knitting it. It was a real impulse knit for me. I’ll be blogging about in next – when I’ve made the pompom!

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    1. That sheep hat pattern is great 🙂 Hate bity days, they suck up so much time and you feel you’ve done nothing. Realistically the needle is waiting for later, the wind has dropped, so when I’ve finished working, I must fill the recycling bags with more leaves before it rains or the wind gets up again 😦 Hope you manage to sneak off for that crafting. xx

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  1. I love the Baa-bble hat! That is adorable and the gingerbread jumper is super cute. My hands are aching just thinking about all of the stitches you have accomplished in one month. Accomplished indeed. Congratulations.
    I just ripped out a tank top that I had started in linen. I am not sure I was understanding the directions quite right but, it wasn’t turning out the way I had wanted. Now I am concisering scraping this project and starting another with the linen or just start another pair of socks (not in linen). I need to start something soon as we are approaching another long car ride to check in on the in-laws.

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    1. Thank you. Will post the finished hat, hopefully Friday. What a shame about the tank top – but IMO if it needs frogging, you’ll only regret it if you try to pretend you’re happy and don’t. Look forward to seeing what you decide on for your car journey knitting. My problem with this time of year is we always seem to be travelling in the dark, so I get limited to easier knits that I don’t have to look at.

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  2. I love the hat too! I’ve just been looking at all the different versions on Ravelry.
    I am a fairly monogamous knitter – although I have cast on for a blanket while knitting a cardigan. Sometimes I like to live on the edge.

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  3. I love that hat!! Good Golly, you have been knitting up a storm: excellent work. I afraid I have not knitted a third of what you have…shame on me. Life is too bussy, i have to do something about it. But not today, I am going out for a lunch with 5 girls, all Dutch living in America. That will be fun ;0) xo Johanna

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    1. Thanks Johanna. I think how much I knit depends how much I’m in in the evenings and this time of year venturing out in the cold and dark isn’t so appealing. Enjoy your lunch 🙂 xx


  4. You have done a prodigious amount during the month Bekki – though how you manage to keep track of the stitch count is completely beyond me….. I can barely retain a thought for five minutes let alone track and remember to keep tracking each row! As a mitt fan I’m loving those mittens, such a pretty minty colour and lacy stitch – and the scarf! Delicious!! 🙂

    I can quite proudly report that all my frantic, secret, mostly crochet projects are all nearing completion. Three shrugs, one lacy long vest, one Bohemian stitch throw [which I keep adding to and which was started long before November] and two small shawls ………… I also threw in a crochet tree skirt in 24 hours just because it was required…….. and I didn’t even take part in Wovember 🙂 Aren’t we the clever clogs and busy bees!! 🙂

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    1. Definitely! 🙂 Sounds like you’ve been at it non stop. Look forward to the unveiling of all your wonderful projects. I’m going to write the pattern up for those mitts. So watch out for the post if you fancy knitting them.


  5. Wow, I had no idea what 50,000 (-13) stitches looked like – that’s a heck of a lot of knitting in just one month! Such varied projects, too. Personally speaking, I’m glad you’re not a monogamous knitter as we get to look at more gorgeous stuff:)

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  6. Gosh, you have been very busy! It’s a wonder your fingers aren’t dropping off. Some gorgeous patterns, too. The feather and fan scarf is fabulous, but it doesn’t look like a quick thing to knit. I also love the sheep hat and the yoke on Lovely Eldest/Youngest’s jumper. All very lovely – and to reach almost 52 thousand stitches…! Hope you manage to get all the sewing up done without going batty. Fantastic effort, Bekki. 🙂

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      1. Really? It looks very lacy all over. It’s really pretty, anyay. I’m glad I’ve caught you because I’m just doing my second quote for this’ere cahallenge and wondered about nominating you. I know how busy you are – with all that sewing up now! Could you let me know whether it would be OK to go ahead and nominate you?

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      2. Sorry you didn’t quite catch me – ran out to put the rubbish out between reading comments. But yes, do nominate me. I enjoyed doing them before. Thanks for asking and thanks for thinking of me 🙂

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      3. That’s great. I Imagine, then, that things have now eased up a bit. All you need now is a nice cruise somewhere warm and sunny in order to unwind (no pun intended). I’ll post sometime early evening and will do the usual pingback. Happy sewing! 🙂

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      4. Well, I wouldn’t go that far. There is the small matter of Christmas that I’ve barely even thought about. And I realise now won’t I make three consecutive posts, as we’re not here at the weekend. Hope that’s okay?

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      5. That’s fine by me. I’ve seen some people do three all quotes together on one post. You could also consider doing two together, if you’d prefer. Or you could just schedule the third one. I scheduled all three of mine for one quotes challenge I did when I was going off to North Wales. But I think leaving a day inbetween would be fine if you’d prefer.

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      6. I could schedule, but I’ve almost done Friday’s already and I like to do Sunday Sevens, which I’ll schedule. Oh poo can I have a special dispensation to start Monday please?

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      7. Bekki, I should have done this challenge three weeks ago – but I wrecked my blog and so on. So start whenever you can fit it in. I know it’s difficult when you have regular posting days, as you have. I’m sure you’ll find some great quotes, whenever you do it.

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