Christmas reindeer apron tutorial

Now I’ve finally got the sewing machine out, I wanted to share the quick make apron I made on Sunday.

Lovely husband needs to wear an apron at work for one day a year at Christmas. All year I’d been intending to make him a festive one. But I got so wrapped up in everything else Christmas, forgot to make a plan until I went to make it. Panic set in…


I’m so bad at drawing it had to be something simple. But what? Then the lovely Sewchet posted her personalised santa sack tutorial and I saw the reindeer face on the front. Of course!  Even I could draw a reindeer head – couldn’t I?

I checked my felt stash – there was no brown at all. I had no time to go to the shop, but my lovely next door neighbour but one said she was going. In the event she couldn’t get any brown, but got these…


Pulling out some red fabric from my stash, I pinned an apron to it and cut around it, adding a small allowance all around for hemming.


I pressed a thin hem all around the edge and pinned it down.


Fortunately I’d thought ahead in one respect and bought some of this stuff when I bought my other Christmas fabric – can’t remember what it’s called – can someone tell me please?

20151220_51 - Copy

I measured it against the ties on the apron and cut pieces a couple of inches longer…


…folded the ends inside the appropriate  places in the hem, then pressed  again, before sewing the hem down.


I then folded the stuff I don’t know the name of back and secured it now facing in the right direction…


Finally I folded over the ends of the ties and sewed them down to complete the apron.



Next to draw the reindeer…

20151220_113114 (1)
Sorry about the blur

I cut each piece out and use it as a template to cut the felt – in the end I used coins to cut the eyes, instead of making then leaf shaped. I also used black felt instead of burgundy, because it clashed with the red of the apron.

Felt reindeer head

I stitched the felt on with straight stitch. Although I didn’t secure the ends with the machine, but took them through by hand to make it neater.

Finally finished, I presented it to Lovely Husband – who happened to be watching Sports Personality of the Year, so wanted to give you his Usain Bolt pose.


Hurrah! Only one more make and a house to clean now. Are you there yet?

Bekki Hill


40 thoughts on “Christmas reindeer apron tutorial

  1. A fab last minute make Bekki :-)!! I’m sure your lovely hubby will want to wear it as much as possible during the Christmas festivities…maybe it’ll spur him on to take over completely in the kitchen and give you this year off???! 😉

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    1. Oh now you’ve gone and done it – I’ve gone all Sheldon and have to know. I was thinking when Janey said webbing it was like that stuff you used to have strung across the bottom of chairs, which was webbing, but thicker. But this is thinner. Will have to ask next time I’m in the fabric shop. Ha ha! Well done having a cleaner. I used to have one but she did my head in – see all Sheldon again 🙂

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  2. Love the apron and the reindeer. I was very last minute this Christmas and almost missed it!!! I use to be so much more organised but should not have second sons birthday at the end of November. Bad timing there!

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  3. Fantastic last minute effort with this, Bekki! The finished product looks great, especially when modelled in the Usain Bolt pose. Love the reindeer- he’s so cute. I’m playing catch up today, as I’ve hardly been on my blog since before Christmas. I’ll be back to read more later on. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve already done my long trek for the morning and can say that it was a real battle against the wind. It wasn’t a cold wind, though – just a very violent/vindictive one that seemed determined to have me on the ground! Flippin’ Harry, indeed. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Harry? Is that a different one? It’s storm Frank we’ve got here. I checked the weather this morning and it said the wind would die considerably at 11ish, so waited – although to be honest, with Hicks being an older dog, I wouldn’t have gone out in what we had earlier if it had stayed all day.


      3. Well you’re right. I get confused with names like Fred, Harry and Frank. They’re names of some of my favourite characters from my ff writing! I hear one name and automatically think of the others.:D (No, I haven’t been at the wine since Christmas Eve!) Honest truth. Frank it is.

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      4. I know what you mean – especially once you get the wrong name lodged in your head. I must say I did wonder round yesterday asking how the met office expected anyone to take a storm named Frank seriously. They need to work on some fiercer names.


      5. Yes, Frank is one of those sort of names that gets used in ‘comedies’… like Eastenders. Or perhaps that’s more of a tragedy! Either title suits such rubbish – personal opinion, of course.

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