Stitching Santa – The Reveal

On Christmas day I was finally able to open my secret my Stitching Santa gifts. I really had no idea who had sent it and left both the card and the note until I had opened all the presents – so I could try to guess as I opened each one.

The first gift – my favourite hot chocolate drink complete with marshmallows – hadn’t been wrapped, so I could enjoy it while I opened my presents.


The first parcel I opened contained a cuff for my tea mug, a beautiful hand knitted headband and a stick of lip balm.


Two balls of West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester were inside the second parcel.

West Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester
Beautiful British wool – right up my street!

In the third were another two balls of wool. This time gorgeous Lettlopi from Iceland.

Lettlopi Lopi
Beautifully coordinated for some colour work.

Opening the fourth present revealed not one, but three small bags.


What a bumper haul! And all so perfect for me. I was dead chuffed, but there was still one more parcel to go and I had no clue who’d sent it.

Inside the final parcel was a cute tree stocking and my favourite  chocolates!


I was even more curious now. My secret Santa was not just someone generous and thoughtful, who had gone to great trouble checking my blog to buy and make perfect presents for me. They also appeared to have psychic powers that told them Galaxy was my favourite chocolate drink and Lindt balls my favourite chocs!

Opening the card revealed my stitching Santa was Pippa at Beads and Barnacles. Thank you so much Pippa for all your lovely and thoughtful choices!

But the thoughtfulness didn’t end there. Pippa explained in her note that the headband and lip balm were for when walking Hicks out in the cold and that she’d sent three bags so that Lovely Littlest and Lovely Eldest could have one too.


I didn’t have to ask twice if they wanted one!

So, a big thank you again to Pippa for such lovely goodies and to Sewchet for organising. THANK YOU!!!

Hope everyone who’s taken part has enjoyed the stitching Santa as much as I have.

Bekki Hill









42 thoughts on “Stitching Santa – The Reveal

  1. How lovely! Pippa’s an excellent knitter as I found out when ‘stalking’ her blog for ideas for my gifts to her. Her fair isle work puts mine to shame – I love the tiny stocking! I only opened my parcels last night but have photographed them ready to show soon. Glad you enjoyed taking part and thanks for sharing!

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    1. She certainly is, the headband is knitted so beautifully and so neatly knitted. Although I think you’re being too modest about your own knitting. Thank you again for organising, has been such fun all round. Look forward to seeing the gifts you received.

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      1. Yea, it’s really high up where I live so we’re lucky, but there’s loads of devastion in a 10 mile radius to where we are. The roads are mostly back open but it’s been crazy. Thanks for thinking of us northerners 😃

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      2. Glad you’re ok. Used to live in Leeds so still feel attached. Haven’t managed to see a proper news bulletin, but saw the Kirkstall road full of water and really brought home how bad it must be.

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  2. I was a very lucky stitching and knitting santa recipient too – I was greedy and entered both – and really enjoyed it so I hope Sewchet will be kind enough to organize us all again next year.

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  3. Yay so glad you liked this 🙂 I might have spent a bit of time stalking your blog to work out what you would want. I’m glad it went down well and thankfully your choice in chocolate is similar to mine 🙂
    Its good to see that the bags went down well too. 😀

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      1. It was good fun. And nice to spend time thinking about what would actuality be used rather than admired at then put into the cupboard. I hope I managed to get that right.
        I hope the weather isn’t putting a dampner on your festivities.


      2. It’s been interesting. I wonder how much time we’ve spent trying to get them right compared with getting it right for the rest of the people we give to?
        Hubby at work and girls gone, so weather not to much of a problem apart from walking Mr Hicks and I’m pleased to say that horrific wind has just died down here. Hope you’re having a good one.


      3. Yeah the wind seems to have given way to pouring rain. The steam in my parents garden has burst its banks for the first time this festive season.

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      4. It was windy here from when it got dark. I didn’t hear much rain, but there must have been as the paths and roads were more flooded than last week when it rained all night and Hicks and I had to turn back on our walk as the river was flowing either side of the bridge. I hope your parents aren’t in any danger of it reaching the house?


  4. Such a lovely post, Bekki. Pippa’s gifts were so thoughtful and a wonderful variety. The wools are gorgeous, as are the knitted headband and tea mug cuff. And how great that your daughters were included in the gift. I can imagine your delight on opening these lovely gifts.

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    1. You wouldn’t believe how exciting it was. It really created that magical childhood feeling of having Santa deliver surprises! We all seem to have had that reaction too. Putting the gifts together was enormous fun as well.


      1. I agree. The build up to Christmas is so exciting, and the Secret Santa idea is always great. I miss it now that I’m not teaching – we always had a SS going amongst the staff. Such fun buying for each other. 🙂

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      2. That sound interesting. I’ll have a think about how that could be done. I’ll also have to link with a few more authors on my blog, for that, I think. I’ve already read the books of most that I know.

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      3. I didn’t mean that. I meant like we’ve done it – read you swap partners blog and choose a book you think they’d like. Although as I write that I realise, they may well have already read it. But then as I write, I think ‘what about stationary? I know very few writers who don’t love stationary – especially if it’s linked to their favourite ‘things’.

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  5. Oh what lovely items you have here. The yarns are gorgeous (what fun to see how you use them), and the little tea/coffee mug cozy is just adorable. And the weather protection for walking Mr. Hicks, very thoughtful indeed!

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  6. Wow, what a stunning “Santa” and package!! Loved the goodies, and the ideas behind them. Absolutely very thoughtful. Sewchet did an excellent job at getting this organized, and I loved it. Great idea, and must do again. 🙂

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