Procrastination Bootcamp Revisited

Back in May last year I fell in love with the idea of knitting a yellow cardigan. Given I have nothing yellow in my wardrobe, I was suspicious whether this was true love or just a  crush.

At the end of May I visited Proper Woolly and after a fair bit of uming and aghing , I bought 3 skeins of 4ply yellow blue-faced Leicester.

Yellow Yarn WooSheeps

I still wasn’t sure I’d done the right thing, and boy did that yarn know it. Despite sitting hidden out of sight in my stash, I could feel it somehow watching me, asking, ‘Was it really a good idea to buy me?’

Between reassuring myself it was a fine idea, I hunted for a suitable pattern. When July swung around, and I still hadn’t found one, I decided to make one up. Pulling out a pair of circular needles, I cast on and began to knit.

Anya - Casting On

However, the problem with making up your own patterns is that you have to concentrate and calculate – especially if you make half of it up as you go along. So I couldn’t just pull this WIP out anywhere and knit the next row without any real thought.

Somehow the combination of having to think hard and the yarn still whispering, ‘Was it really a good idea to buy me?’ led to my WIP to become a not working on WIP aka part of the UFO pile.

With the new year’s arrival  I’ve been looking through my UFO pile and thinking about my approach. Last year I took a procrastination boot camp approach to my UFOs. This entailed not following the usual wisdom of tackling the easiest UFO first, but tackling the UFO I least wanted to work on first. Last year it was The Beast in the Box.

The Beast in the Box

Last year, not only did I tackle the beast in the box and win, I believe that if I hadn’t worked that way, it’d still be hanging around unfinished, whispering and draining my creativity.  So this year I’m taking the boot camp approach again. But this year, it’s the Beast in the Bag…



And guess what?

Oh yes, this year the project I least want to tackle is the yellow cardigan.


Considering my options I can:

  1. Complete it using the pattern I started with.
  2. Frog it and knit a different cardigan – but what pattern?
  3. Frog it and knit something else – and if so, what the heck can I knit with 1800meters of bright yellow BFL?
  4. Frog it and put it back in my stash – leaving it to whisper unnerving thoughts and wink knowingly each time I rummage.
  5. Find a new perspective to stop the unfinished cardigan nagging.

What what option would you go for?

Any pattern suggestions, cardigan or otherwise, for this yarn would also be gratefully received.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Bekki Hill

39 thoughts on “Procrastination Bootcamp Revisited

  1. I love the colour, it is delightful… maybe your reluctance is that yellow is not an easy colour to wear! (I wear it anyway but that is just me!) You could, make a gorgeous cable cushion or a luxurious lacy throw – who wouldn’t want something that cheerful to wrap round them on chilly evenings?

    What ever you do, Bekki, you will do it, you are great at making plans and sticking to them. Looking forward to seeing your creation!


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    1. Ah bless you. Thank you for your faith in me. I can wear yellow, so I’m not sure it’s that. Cushions is a good thought, but I’m not sure BFL would be hard wearing enough. But thanks for inspiring me to think about where it might fit in the house rather than on me. I’ll think more about that.


  2. A lovely color for Spring and Summer and because it is this soft yellow and you are blond (just perfect!) I would stick to the idea of a cardigan so you can wear it on those breezy days and cool summer nights! It will be lovely no matter what you knit from it…xo Johanna

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  3. Not much help for knitting from me…a shawl, perhaps? I do understand busting the stash (my current goal) and those things that just stare at you, saying “I am still here!” Whatever you do, it will be lovely!

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  4. I second the turning it into an afghan or blanket. If you have doubts about wearing yellow, then listen to those doubts. And then make something bright and sunny to snuggle up under.

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      1. Now I do love a sherbet lemon! Haven’t had one for years. I think the colour is true, but still not working for me for babies 😦 But thanks for the link – I want to knit or crochet a baby blanket and that one is lovely and has given me an idea 🙂


  5. A cardigan is what first inspired you, so a cardigan it should be – think how smug you’ll feel when you’ve finally finished it. You’ll just have to spend hours on Ravelry/Craftsy/Pinterest until the right pattern jumps out at you, and it will. Keep us posted!

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  6. That is so weird, I just bought some Rowan linen in yellow to make a cardy! I got it Friday and was quite excited 🙂 it looks really strange sitting in my yarn stash but I had seen a yellow cardigan on the Drops site and fell in love with the idea. Have never worn yellow in my life although it is supposedly the Gemini colour. 🙂 very interested to see what you so with yours! 🙂

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  7. That is a lovely yarn, and it looks nice and soft. I would probably not wear it as a cardigan or something, however I would wear it as a pair of pretty socks. Or if all else fails, I would probably gift it in a swap to a buddy that loves yellow more than me.
    All the best though. 🙂

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  8. I love that yellow! My wardrobe is almost all black, but I’d wear this 😀 Now sure what pattern you should use, but give it another go – if all else fails, maybe you can do a giveaway and just send it off to another good home?

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