Frogged and ready to go again

Our broadband signal was very intermittent Monday and non-existent most of yesterday. It’s weak right now – 6.30am Wednesday – so I suspect it will be gone again as demand increases when more of the south west is awake.  So firstly a quick apology if I’m slow to visit your blog or reply to comments at the moment. Secondly, since all you lovely readers were so patient listening to me whinging and whining advising and supporting me on what to do with the yellow blue-faced Leicester UFO, I’m writing a quick post to share the pattern I’ve chosen.


After all the inspired suggestions – thank you – I concluded that I really wanted to make myself something to wear. I couldn’t see myself wearing a yellow shawl – although as some of your have pointed out – Facetfully – I’m not as shawl adverse as I thought. Since the ravelry search seems to find it difficult to differentiate between sweaters and cardigans, I ended up looking at sweaters as well as cardigans. This led to me deciding on Natsumi by Yoko Hatta.


Having a pattern induced me to frog the UFO on Saturday night and one thing struck me as I unravelled it…


This yarn is blue-faced Leicester, but not as soft as I’d expect from the breed. In fact it feels quite stringy. Hopefully it will knit up to feel better, but I’m thinking the feel is part of what dampened my enthusiasm to knit it and another lesson in not allowing colour to override my other senses.

Hoping you approve of my choice.

Bekki Hill

31 thoughts on “Frogged and ready to go again

  1. I think it will look lovely knitted up in that pattern – I know what you mean about the texture – I’m having issues with the yarn I’m currently knitting as it isn’t as soft as the mohair, alpaca and cottons I’ve been using.

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    1. Thank you. I’m not surprise it’s widespread, couldn’t even get through to BT yesterday because they had so many people trying to get through. But it’s getting beyond a joke. Mind I seem to have it this morning – shhhh

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  2. I love your choice of pattern Bekki! I would be tempted to give it a go myself if I hadn’t already got the yarn for a crochet cardigan 🙂 And of course, crochet is a lot quicker for me than knitting!!
    Sorry about your internet problems. We had intermittent issues this time last year and after 5 months of various engineer visits they finally found the fault out in the road! They still tried to charge me for the engineer though but I had had that happen before so I was looking out for it! I hope you get it sorted soon, technology is just so frustrating when it doesn’t work! Have a great day. x

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  3. That looks like a good pattern you’ve unearthed. I can’t get past the colour of the yarn though – only because I know it would look foul on me. It’s a shame it’s not as soft as you were expecting – maybe that batch came from a rogue sheep 😉

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  4. I know what you mean – I’m a process knitter myself and therefore the yarn has to be a pleasure to work with. With the right needles it may be OK once you’ve got used to it. Still love the colour though – sunshine itself:)

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  5. What a nice pattern. I am a person who processes things visually first, so I really understand how the colour could have momentarily distracted you from the other senses. Hopefully you will still be able to enjoy the process. If not, at least you’ ll have a bright, sun-shiny sweater to wear on cold days. Can’t wait to see it. 🙂

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    1. I’m swatching at the moment and will wash as part of my swatching process, so yes, I’ll see how it feels then. Mind my disappointment is actually about enjoying the yarn while I knit it, so unless I wash the yarn, I’m afraid it’s not going to help 🙂

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  6. I will trade places with you anyday, its so pretty there, I dont think the lack on Internet will bother me to much. 🙂 Getting out of the city is always at the top of my list. I really love your place and think it is just so beautiful out there.
    Looking forward to your new sweater, the pattern looks really pretty. 🙂

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    1. Aw! Thanks you for saying such lovely things. We are really lucky to live here and I do very much appreciate having left ‘civilisation’ behind. I guess my gripes are because we are more remote I communicate a lot via internet and it’s impossible to work if I need the internet for it and it’s down. When it goes on for weeks too, of course becomes more annoying. But if that’s my biggest problem this last few weeeks, I agree, I’m very blessed 🙂

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  7. The pattern you have chosen is lovely. Hopefully the yarn will soften when you give it a wash. I made a shawl with BFL and I thought it was going to be too harsh when I was knitting it, but washing and blocking made a massive difference. Hopefully it will for you too 🙂

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