Right now on my needles

I haven’t posted any of my WIPs since before Christmas, so to help myself take stock and to share, here’s what I’m up to at the moment.

I’ve just cast off the colour block jumper I started back in August as car knitting. However, every time I had a long journey I worked on other pieces, so this only came out on local windy roads where I didn’t have to look. I’m really glad to be rid of it and I’m not even sure I like it. But I’ll sew it together and see.

I’m mostly on a one out, one in policy, so I’m holding off casting on the yellow sweater until I’ve sewn up the colour block jumper. However, I did cast on a jumper I’m knitting in secret for Lovely Husband’s Christmas present. Having to knit in secret probably means it will take all year. 20160123_120834

I’m also ready to turn the heels on a pair of socks. I’ve been knitting these in the car in the dark, but the heel turns will need daylight.20160212_082441(0)

On the crochet front I started the rabbit from Edward’s menagerie to get my hand back in to some amigarumi. Unfortunately the yarn’s not really suitable and is felting a bit and I’m not sure I have enough.

Emma Bunny
Lovely Husband has asked why I’ve knitted a pear, a potato and a condom.

I’ve also a couple of top secret knitting projects on the go, but obviously can’t show you them.

That about sums up my current knitting and crochet, but I also wanted to ask those of you who use instagram, how you deal with double posting. I’ve just made a second attempt to get to grips with it, and I hold back from posting, because I don’t want to start repeating myself on my blog and borring those who read both. Any thoughts anyone?

I’m also planning on going to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia next month. If any of you are too, it would be great to meet up. So let me know if you are and want to.

Well that’s me for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful and creative weekend.

Bekki Hill


31 thoughts on “Right now on my needles

  1. I love Lovely Husband’s take on your amigurumi efforts – I don’t think condom manufacturers will be adding your version to their range any time soon 😉
    If I do change my mind about coming over in March, I’d love to meet up at Olympia – I’ll keep you posted.

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  2. I love the colours of your colour block jumper, I’m sure it will look lovely once it’s all sewn up! LOL I love your crochet 🙂 looking forward to seeing it made up too. I have only made 2 bunnies so far from that book. You are ahead of me with Christmas this year 😉 I have just started using instagram and have been posting odd little things, everyday stuff, maybe a wip or two. Probably more Sunday sevens type of thing. Eg, I’m dyeing yarn today so put up a pic of some dyed yarn whereas on the blog I would wait and do a whole post with pics from start to finish. Hope you have a great day Bekki. X

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  3. Husbands question really needs an answer, why have you crocheted a pear, a potato and a condom?
    I am so impressed you can make anything on a journey, all I do is look out the window, chat and think.
    Good though to stop and take stock of projects.
    The weather here is awful today, so lots of knitting time me thinks!

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  4. Very pretty WIP’s. Love the “hubby sweater” your yarn looks super.
    Cute bunny, I really need to crochet more as well. 🙂 I definitely love your socks, your yarn and colours are so pretty. Those are going to wear so nicely.
    Instagram and posting, I guess I also double post. I try to keep Instagram more fresh and not just about “crafting” and then not use the same pictures. Personally, I don’t mind seeing both on your Instagram and blog, I love both. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the feedback and advice on Instagram – I think maybe I’m thinking too hard about holding back as I’ll be putting something in a post or Sunday Sevens. If take your advice and see it as fine double post, hopefully I’ll find my way. I guess it’s just like finding your feet with your blog, you need to explore and get it ‘wrong’ a bit, rather than holding back. Thanks again.
      Glad you like the yarns, the sock yarn is gorgeous to work with too and I’m really enjoying knitting hubby’s jumper.

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  5. Hahaha, your husband is a witty man! And it’s definitely a “once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it” sort of thing…
    Have a great time at the K&S! I wish I could go, but I’m travelling.


  6. A lot of great knitting projects going on, Bekki. I’ll be interested to see how the colour-block jumper looks when it’s stitched up. And the crochet work … Well, I’m sure it will look like a bunny once it’s finished, but right now, Lovely Husband’s question sounds particularly appropriate! 😀

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