Finally Finished

After six months of very spasmodic, mostly in the car, knitting, I’ve finished the colour block jumper. I’m happier with it than I thought I was going to be, but still not keen. However, it was always supposed to be an every day sort of jumper, so I’m sure I’ll get plenty of wear out of it.

20160214_115457 (1)

The other thing I wasn’t happy with is the yarn. It was Berge de France’s Magic+. Although it has a good feel and I think will wash well, it was incredibly splitty to knit and impossible to knit in the dark.

Berge de France Magic+

This strangely splitty yarn also made it a bugger to sew up, especially on the slope of the shoulders, and especially as I disliked the jumper enough to refuse to block it – yes, I know, if I’d blocked the seams might have been easier! I did swatch at the start though, so I know washing won’t take it astray.

What I am pleased with, having designed it myself, is the fit. Especially the neck. I’ve not been terribly pleased with the necks on the last couple of jumpers I’ve designed – although they have been circular yokes, knitted on circular needles, so I still haven’t cracked that one. Has anyone any thoughts on where I can learn to do those specifically better? Or know a great pattern for one that I can have a study of?

20160214_115505 (1)

I’m pleased with the fit in general too. Arm length is perfect. I made it to my measurements of two years ago – i.e. the ones I’m aiming for when I’ve finished dieting. So I’ve a couple of inches to loose, but I think the fit will be all the better for that.

And now that’s finished, time to cast on that yellow sweater

Hope everyone’s had a great weekend and is fitting lots of creativity into their working week.

Bekki Hill


37 thoughts on “Finally Finished

  1. I was a bit dubious about it too when I saw the WIP photos but it actually looks good. You’ve got a bit of a ‘Boden thing’ going on with the colour blocking 😉 I’m never that happy with Bergère de France yarn which is unfortunate because the only wool shop within miles is only down the road from me and that is all they stock.
    I must say – you’re looking very trim. How much more do you want to lose? Don’t go too mad!

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    1. Thank you and thanks for the weight warning. Being tall hides a lot of sins, so I do have a fair bit to go still – but don’t panic, I won’t go mad and I’m reaching snapping point, something naughty will be consumed soon. As for a bit of a ‘Boden thing’, now you’ve said that I will waft round saying, ‘I was trying to create a bit of a Boden look’ 🙂


  2. That looks super. You need to model in the shop one day 🙂
    What needles did you do it on? My sister found Magic+ splitty too but was working on 3.5mm needles when it recommends a 5mm. I crocheted a gorgeous ripple blanket in it with no problems but used a bigger hook.
    Still, it looks like it was worth the effort. Lovely.

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    1. Thank you. You’ll have to get a catwalk for the shop and we can have fashion shows of what we’ve knitted and crocheted 🙂 It was probably a 5mm as I swatched and it was very well behaved on doing what the yarn band said.


  3. I like the pattern, and think it is perfect for that everyday wear sweater. You want to look grand and be comfy all at once. 🙂 This is it!
    Thank you for the comments on the yarn. I have a few of those in my stash, but have not used them. Maybe I will just reserve them for a blanket or cushion or something.
    Enjoy knitting your yellow sweater next.

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    1. Thank you. If you have some in your stash, Donna’s comment above says her sister had no trouble with 3.5mm needles and she happily made a blanket with a large crochet hook. So maybe try something like that. Mind, I still didn’t like sewing it up 😦

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  4. The fit is perfect – I wouldn’t have a clue about designing my own jumper so am especially impressed. The plaited strip really stands out and adds interest. I can’t quite get over how long your arms are though…..!


  5. Nice work, Bekki. The fit is great and might the color blocking be a good way to use up some odds and ends from one’s stash. At least my stash any way. I have a habit of buying one or two skeins of this and that and never having enough to make anything big. I love the cable up the front. The neck line looks very comfortable.

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  6. This looks lovely, I bet its nice to have a well fitted wear anywhere jumper…
    Its a shame that the wool wasn’t what you expected it to be, but well done for your perseverance. 🙂


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