Frustration and progress

With being very busy and Lovely Husband being around a lot, I’m not sure I even knitted a dozen rows of the secret sweater last week. But I’m pleased to say I’m doing better this week. With great relief I’ve cast off the back…

Aran sweater

and a sleeve…


and the other sleeve…


The front is started too, although I knitted that a while back in front of hubby, deciding it this much was too small for him to take any notice of.


Not sure I’m going to get much done over Easter, with hubby being around, but I’ll try to keep the pace up, or I definitely won’t make my deadline.

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it and have a great weekend to those who don’t.

Bekki Hill

PS Apologies for the over exposed pictures. All taken in a hurry so I could get them hidden again before hubby spotted them.

29 thoughts on “Frustration and progress

    1. Thank you. I’ve been waking up about an hour before the alarm goes off each morning this week, now it’s lighter – but they’re going to take that off me at the weekend, so not sure if I’ll still wake early. Mind when I got up early on Saturday, Mr Hicks came down with me then went back up and stood barking beside the bed – something he’s never ever done before. Flippin’ snitch!

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  1. I am impressed that you can consistently wake up before the alarm! It obviously is time put to good use, the sweater is looking marvelous. It seems like Mr. Bekki should take Mr. Hicks for a long ramble this weekend so you can get some quiet time. 🙂

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    1. Fortunately I don’t usually need as much sleep as hubby – although I was struggling with the dark mornings this year. He’d definitely know something was up if I didn’t go for a dog walk. He is however very busy chopping logs from the trees we had felled, so that time is also being put into the sweater – with an ear on back door opening.

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  2. See this is why I don’t keep anything secret. It’s just way too much trouble and stops you getting on with things. I just announce ‘Hey, I’m making you something’ and let them sweat it out. 🙂 I’m loving the cable pattern – I haven’t done anything like that in years – decades ……… And I keep forgetting to mention to you how much I love your header photo – it is a delight!!

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    1. Thank you. I know what you mean, but it being a secret does have the plusses of less pressure on me buying surprise presents for his birthday and it’s definitely stopping me hit any bored patches. Glad you like the header – it’s on random of three, but I assume you mean the sheep looking at you. It was so funny when they did that and perfect for a photo 🙂


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