Reviewing my goals for 2016 – what I’ve achieved so far

I’m sorry to say, I’m still fighting a fever. However, before I succumbed last week, I did three month review of the creative goals I set at the beginning of the year and wrote a couple of posts about them. Here’s the first about the goals I’m happy with my progress on so far:

Think thoroughly before I take on any new project

I’d say this was a success, because I haven’t taken on any projects that I’m regretting, so I guess I’ve thought thoroughly enough about them. However after the Emma Bunny fiasco, I’m going to add checking the viability of each project to my definition.

Attend at least two workshops

Tick here, I’ve booked one and I’m looking for another, but a few people’s schedules still haven’t come out, so I’m waiting on them.

Learn 6 new ways to knit a sock by knitting six different pairs of socks.

In three months I’ve only knitted one new type of heel – the balbriggan heel. However I really enjoyed this, am enjoying sock knitting, and a lot of knitting time has been focussed on finishing the secret sweater. So all in all I believe I still have the passion and the motivation to achieve this goal.

Balbraggan Heel 1

Experiment/learn something new each month

Big tick here. Off the top of my head I can tell you I’ve:

I could also add the balbriggan heel to the list, but that feels like cheating.

Learn more about dyeing wool with plants and other natural products

Tick here – the course I’ve booked is about this. I’ve also been reading up around the subject.

Make something for Christmas each month

Although I haven’t completed anything yet, this has been down to circumstance and changes in assignment of presents. So I’m not calling this not a win, but it’s definitely not a fail.

  • Emma Bunny was supposed to be a Christmas Present and would have been finished if there had been the right yarn available.
  • Lovely Husband’s Christmas present sweater changed to being a birthday present. I’ve put so much work in on this over the last six weeks, I think it fair that it’s pushed out starting another Christmas project in its place.
  • I’ve started LH’s Christmas jumper as my roller-coaster car journeys/in the dark knitting project, so I should finish this easily in time for Christmas.

Each weekend, when we’re not away or have visitors, I will make/do something for the house or garden

I have stuck to this goal (apart from last weekend, when I was so unwell). Unfortunately, by necessity, this has all been garden when I was really hoping to get more done in the house.

Knit Lovely Husband a Christmas Jumper

As I’ve already said above, this is under way 🙂


So that’s eight out of thirteen goals I’m happy with my achievements on. I’ll fess up to the ones I need to rethink next time.

Did you set goals at the beginning of the year? Have you reviewed your progress on them lately?

Bekki Hill

30 thoughts on “Reviewing my goals for 2016 – what I’ve achieved so far

  1. Wow! You are doing great on all this. Not a big one for very specific “resolutions” but I am getting a lot done, learning/creating lots of things, and having fun! Keep up the good work!

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  2. Great goals Bekki and looks like you’re on a good start in achieving them too. My goals this year is simply to finish what I start and gift more of what I knit to those who will appreciate my knitted items.

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  3. You’ve been doing great Bekki! I think I have probably failed rather with mine, I haven’t even looked at them since I posted in January! I was thinking of doing a review this month and you have given me the incentive to take a look! So sorry you’re still ill. I think you might need those Creme eggs now 😉

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    1. I recall we did talk about reviewing back in Jan, so yes go on. You can always trash the goals if they’re no longer right for you anyway, so nothing lost by reviewing and everything to gain. Thanks – to be honest, I really can’t taste things properly at the moment, so save your crème eggs. Will be fessing up to my fails next post!

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  4. I hope you feel better soon and I think you are doing really well. Goals like the secret jumper and learning new things have to be flexible . I am looking forward to reading about the dying course. I have set goals for this year using 16 for 2016 format and review them monthly. Some are well under way, some have taken a very unexpected turn and some haven’t begun yet. But it helps keep me focused. If one word could summarize my goals it would be Challenge;


    1. Thank you. A lot better than I was, but very tired and can’t think straight, so just taking it as easy as I can and not worrying that nothing’s getting done. I did comment on your review of your goals the other day – hope it came though. I thought you were going great guns with your list. I also think there’s so much more gained by setting some goals than just achieving them and sometimes it turns out for the best that we don’t achieve them.


  5. I really must start on some Christmas presents, too, as I usually have done by now. I shall be interested to hear how your dyeing course goes as it’s something I’m quite interested in. I love how you’re managing to keep the jumper a secret still!

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  6. Oh wow, you have already done so much, and well done for being so organised re Christmas. Every year I say I’ll start early and then it gets to November and I panic! I’ll be really interested to hear about your dyeing course too, I’m going to try solar dyeing in jars this summer.

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    1. Thank you. Although I feel I’ve a long way to go not to be panicking in November still. I keep meaning to have a go at solar pots too – always something new to learn 🙂 Look forward to seeing how your go.

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  7. Errm, that’s a no and no. But I like reading yours and feel better for doing so! I do write the occasional to do list for my days off. I’m working backwards so didn’t know you’d been poorly, hope you’re on the mend 🤒

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