Reviewing my goals for 2016- what isn’t going so well

Tuesday’s post celebrated my successes towards achieving the creative goals I set at the beginning of 2016. Today I’m going to fess up to what’s not going in the intended direction, or at least not going as quickly as I’d like it to. Here goes:

85% of my yarn purchases will be 100% British wool

So far this year I’ve bought very little yarn. However none of what I have bought has been British wool, so I’m really not trying hard enough. I think this ‘failure’ this falls into two categories:


  • A ball of Baby DK to finish Emma Bunny – that unfortunately isn’t going to finish Emma Bunny. I’ll let myself off here because it was part of an attempt to reduce my stash.


  • A ball of Bergere de France Goomy – again, fine because I’m going to add it to the remnants of the same left over from a pair of socks I knitted last year.

Bergere de France Goomy Sock yarn

Breaking the rules

Yet again my old weakness of being dazzled by colours and bargains beat me here. So all in all, I think going forward I need to give myself a good talking to about this goal and remind myself of my reasons for having it, how it links to my values and not to let colour and bargains lead me astray.

Only buy yarn when I know what I’m going to use it for

My bargain bag of wool purchased at The Knitting and Stitching Show was also my downfall here. Although I’m pleased to say there was a project that was buzzing in my head before Christmas that I’m going to assign it to.

Again, a good talking to and reminding myself of my values is what is needed here.

Post at least six patterns on Ravelry

I haven’t posted one. When I though about why, I came up with half a dozen reasons mostly generated by that negative voice that we all have from time to time. These reasons are all easily surmountable with a bit of discipline. So my goal is easily achievable, if I put my mind to it. However, this goal has thrown up another train of thought that’s I’ll come back to.

Eliminate the UFO pile

Although this is a year long goal, it turned out there were only two things on the UFO pile.

  1. A patchwork block that needs making into a cushion.
  2. The yellow wool I bought at proper Woolly – I worked hard on working out what I was going to do with it, but I haven’t got beyond casting it on.


The patchwork block really just needs doing. As for that yellow wool, I still can’t get myself to love it, but for now, I’m just going to stick my head back in the sand.

Crochet regularly

I’ve been a bit wobbly on this one…

I joined a BAM CAL to help me achieve this – but then I spotted all manner of other things I wanted to crochet and knew a blanket would turn into a chore. I’m fine about letting that go and still think it was the right thing to do. So no biggie there.

I also started well by finishing the Eva shawl.

Eva's Shawl

After that things went astray…

I wanted to make some crochet tree decorations, but my LYS only had some of the colours I needed. So I started on Emma Bunny, only to run out of yarn and it be out of stock at my LYS for weeks, then, as I explained last week, that turned into a disaster.

I do now have the rest of the colours I need for the Christmas decorations, so no excuse not to get on with them. So let’s see how that goes.


Well that’s my round up of what I haven’t achieved. And whilst achieving what we set out to achieve is, important, sometimes not achieving what we think we want to achieve turns out to be more important, or at least more educational, than achieving it.

What learning have you gained from what you’ve failed to achieve this year?

Bekki Hill

17 thoughts on “Reviewing my goals for 2016- what isn’t going so well

    1. I remember thinking the same thing when Lucie (over at LoveLucie) was making toys. Have you seen the film ‘SIghtseers’ where a couple go murderous on a holiday. It’s all very British but the female half of the couple is a knitter and she knits a pair of open crotch knickers which I found hilarious somehow 🙂

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  1. I failed to achieve two of my goals so far this year – my proposed year long fabric fast and being teetotal throughout the whole of February. What I learnt is, I’m not very good at setting myself goals and even worse at sticking to them. Also, I’m not too bothered that I didn’t achieve them. I don’t know what that says about me – probably nothing good – but at least nobody got hurt.
    I admire your discipline and will continue to live vicariously through your goals and challenges 😉

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