The perils of sharing your secret

After lots of lovely encouragement from lots of my lovely readers, I put the pieces of the secret sweater in a box – so one squish didn’t give away what it was – and wrapped it up.


As you all predicted,  Lovely Husband was very pleased with his bits of sweater. Although he did keep asking  ‘It is big enough though, isn’t it?’. I would suggest knitting it too small would be a rookie error, but I’ll keep my mouth shut just in case.

Of course, now the cat was out of the bag – or rather the sweater out of the box – I was free to knit it in front of him. We’d been spending the day at Lovely Littlest’s, so on the drive home I knitted happily away beside him.

Unfortunately, so excited was I about being able to knit without secrecy, I knitted too exuberantly and didn’t realise how much I’d done until I’d knitted twenty or so rows to much! Doh!


Will I ever finish?

Bekki Hill

34 thoughts on “The perils of sharing your secret

  1. A great idea to wrap up the bits! Better than what I did for my hubby. I wrapped up a piece of fabric and a shirt pattern. That was in December and I’ve only got as far as pre washing the fabric. Oops!
    So what you’ve accomplished is amazing. I bet he can’t believe how you’ve managed to do so much without him knowing. 😃

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    1. Thank you. I’m normally like that. I think it was because I got so much more done than I thought I would the day before, I didn’t realise I was almost ready to divide for the neck when we got in the car to go home.

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