Sunday Sevens 24th April

Time again for Sunday Sevens,  devised by the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

  1. Saturday last week I packed my bag to go and stay the night in the Big Smoke with Lovely Littlest. As it was for only one night I decided to mostly pinch her cosmetics. Lovely husband couldn’t believe how small my bag was and kept saying I must have forgotten something. Little did he know I not just had all I needed in there, but 2/3 of the front of the Secret Sweater. (I’d also hidden the rest of it wrapped up in the boot of his car).


2. Lovely littlest and I had lunch in Windsor then headed to the Harry Potter studio tour. Where we had a marvellous time…


3. But, of course, my favourite bit was this….


4. On Sunday Lovely Husband joined us to celebrate his birthday. He was pleased with his part-made no-longer secret sweater.


5. But this was definitely his favourite present…


6. Although I’m not a huge fun of London, I do love the view  of the river and Tower Bridge from Strada, where we had lunch. Here’s us afterwards…


7. After lunch we returned to Lovely littlest’s for birthday cake and games, before heading home.


8. My back hasn’t been great for most of the year, but last week, I finally admitted it wasn’t going to get better on it’s own. So on Tuesday I went for some physiothereapy. However, being very rural country my physio shares premises with the Equine Vet and the patient she had before me was a dachshund.


9. I spent the rest of the week trying to catch up from getting so be, having been unwell from the beginning of the month and being away two weekends on the trot. But, of course, there’s always time to take Mr Hicks for a good walk.


Hope you’ve had a great week too.

Bekki Hill



40 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 24th April

  1. When I go over to the U.K. I wear basics on the understanding that I will be buying more when I get there 🙂 I have a duplicate cosmetics set at my Mum’s house and at husband’s London flat so that I don’t have to faff about with plastic bags at Security. Travelling light is great! I hope you get your back sorted out soon – horse doctor or not!

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  2. Love the knitting! Is that your secret you seem to get lots done! lol – so jealous, been meaning to go to Harry Potter World for ages… it’s given me a great idea for a Birthday!

    Sorry to hear your back is playing up – Vets are more qualified than Doctors so you are in great hands! Hope you get better soon. x

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      1. I think they run a free bus from Watford junction station, so it’ll depend on how easy it will be for you to get there. It took me two hours from Exeter to Slough on the train – where my daughter picked me up in the car and, if we hadn’t gone via Windsor for lunch, would have then taken another half an hour. But if I’d tried to do the whole journey by train it would have been 4 1/2 – 5 hours. So that suggests Watford junction might be a bit torturous to get to for you by train, but maybe not?

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      2. You’re very welcome. It wasn’t the train to the big smoke that was my problem. I could have got to Paddington in just over an hour and a half (and places like slough, stains Ealing Broadway) – it was the bit after that. I think you’re in Brighton? Which I think means London bound trains will land you at London Bridge or Victoria, so feels a lot more south than Paddington etc 😦 But good luck. Hope it is easy for you.

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  3. Lovely round up of events and I also love the ‘magic’ knitting clip! We’re off up to London for the third week in a row next weekend to (hopefully) see some shows. So glad the jumper slow-reveal is getting a good response.

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  4. Wow, what fun, and such nice photos. Just awesome to see you all, and the Harry Potter studios is just amazing.
    Glad you had a good time, although it always seems so short.
    Take care of your back, and doing the physio thing, it will help in the end.
    Bless Mr HIcks, he is always there to make anyone smile. Happy walks with him.
    A new week, so take care and enjoy. 🙂

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      1. Thanks. I love your blog, specially Mr. H and all the photos.
        We have a day off tomorrow and again next week Monday. The weather is still pretty great and I hope to get out and about with the family still before it is to chilly.
        Take care and be good. 🙂

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      2. Thank you for saying that, you’re so kind. Of course, Mr H is my favourite too 🙂 Enjoy your days off. We have Monday off next week too 🙂 As for weather, it’s sleeting here as I type! Glad yours is a bit better. Enjoy the time with your family. As for me, I’m not sure about being good, but I’ll do my best 😉

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  5. Lovely, happy photos of you all in London. I’m not a fan of the big city either, but it’s nice to see every now and then. Hope your visit to the vet did some good. Seriously though, I hope your back improves soon. A bad back is no fun at all.

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    1. Yes, do go. I didn’t realise it was more about the making of the film than a children thing – although that was a positive at my age. However everyone I know whose kids have gone have love it, so I’m sure you and your will.

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  6. Hahaha awesome adventures 🙂 love the video!! If only!! 😀 I have tried leaving the knitting out in my haunted train for the ghosties to finish, but all that happens is the antechinus steal it for their nests. :/

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