Exibit A #MMMay16

This year I joined Me May May, pledging to wear one garment I had knitted each week that I never or rarely wore, and to reflect on why I didn’t wear it. Since the weather’s supposed to be getting warmer at the end of the week, I started with a sweater – just in case the weather forecaster’s right. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll recognise this as one I finished in February:

20160214_115457 (1)

I have worn this since I finished it, but only in the house, when I’m not expecting anyone, or to walk HRH when it’s covered by a large coat.

So why don’t I like it?

  1. The colours
  2. The neckline – although I was pleased I achieved a good neckline when I knitted it, for me I think it’s too high around neck.
  3. The style feels too masculine.
  4. The yarn doesn’t just pill, but puts out wispy threads – and that’s with hardly any wearing.
Not easy to take a pic of your own elbow.

So, what have I learned from that?

  1. Don’t buy  yarn that ‘will do’ in a hurry – I bought this yarn when I’d run out of easy projects and needed one.
  2. I think I’ve ‘grown out’ of this neckline and this style of sweater.  I had a rummage in my wardrobe and I also have two similar style RTW sweaters I rarely wear.
  3. Don’t buy that yarn again – which I wasn’t going to anyway, since I didn’t enjoy knitting it either!

And what am I going to do with this learning?

  1. Always have some variegated sock yarn in my stash, so if I want an new easy project I can start on that.
  2. Think harder about how my ‘style’ is changing as I grow older.
  3. Give myself a good smack for allowing myself to forget it’s madness putting all that time and work in on a sweater if you don’t buy good yarn!

I’m really please with how much I learned from thinking about just one sweater. Thank you Me Made May 16! 🙂

Bekki Hill

27 thoughts on “Exibit A #MMMay16

  1. All good lessons to learn Bekki! Especially the one about buying the best quality yarn for the project (note to self!) Personally I really like the idea of the colour blocks and the plaited effect strip – and I think the jumper looks good on you. 🙂

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  2. I’m with you on the yarn. I’ve just got the sleeves to finish on a jumper but I just know I’m not going to wear it and wondering whether to frog it and use it to knit dog coats or persevere just in case I do like it. I’m not keen on high necks either – I’m short and fairly well endowed so they don’t suit me at all. I need scoop necks preferably but patterns for those are a little harder to find. Having said all that, I rarely wear knitwear outside the house anyway but it does get plenty of wear inside and saves me from lighting a fire so often in the winter so they aren’t really wasted.

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    1. If it was me telling you that, I’d definitely need to frog. Certainly for me, I persevere with knitting when I know I shouldn’t things then look back and wish I hadn’t. Mind, would dogs will be too tough on the yarn if you make them coats? I’m tall and reasonably well endowed, but the tallness reduces that. I think I’ve always worn that sort of neck with a shirt collar in the past, but obviously that doesn’t work with that sweater and I think the shirts I have are making me feel too masculine with other sweaters. Maybe time for some more girly shirts? I do wear sweaters out, but like you I wear a lot indoors and don’t light the fire. Maybe other people should keep places colder, so I could wear more knits out!

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  3. I think I’ve said before Bekki but I love the jumper, the colours, the colour block and the cable but it’s not me that needs to like it! You have made me think a bit though as I have a cardi pattern I would like to crochet at some point and was going to use a cheaper yarn just because of the quantity you need but I think I need to do a bit more homework on that one 🙂 Oh yes, I love the elbow pic too 😉

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    1. Thank you. Shame about the yarn being so naff or I’d be parcelling it up and sending it to you. Definitely rethink the crochet – if it needs a lot of yarn, it sounds as if it’s a big time investment.

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  4. Bekki I like your sweater, and like the others think it looks great on you. I know though what you mean about the yarn. I’ve learned that lesson too and as a result have a couple of cardigans I seldom wear.

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  5. All the reasons you dislike the sweater are good ones – if you don’t love it, then I think you should give it away, not have it taking up space when you could fill that space with one you DO love. The less expensive yarn lesson is one I keep learning. I am large, and it takes a lot of yarn to make me a sweater. There is a name brand that I simply will not buy anymore. I have two sweaters made from it, and I love them both but they are not holding up well. I also tried their sock yarn, and made 6 pairs (bought it all at once). 4 of the 6 have shrunk so much to be unwearable. One of the remaining has shrunk some, but I can still wear it. I knew about the shrinking when I made the 6th pair, so I made them a bit big. Guess what? That is the pair that really hasn’t shrunk. I have even tried drying it in the dryer! So know I won’t buy their sock yarn either. It is a shame as the colors and price are great. But as you said – if we are going t put all this work into a garment the yarn and style should be the very best that we can afford/find.

    I will say that the sweater FITS you well – so if you like parts of the style, I think you could replicate the parts you like and adapt the parts you don’t in a different yarn and get one you love.

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    1. Thank you. Funny how we have to keep reminding ourselves. I guess we’re ever hopeful.Sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble with the unnamed yarn company’s yarn. What a nightmare with the socks! 😦

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      1. It was bad for me and good for my little niece. 🙂 They fit her just fine. But I won’t forget that lesson again. No matter how pretty the color. I bet you won’t either, next time you make a sweater.

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  6. Great take on MeMadeMay. It does look an accomplished make, but think you’re right on the high neckline. Sounds really worthwhile taking the time to figure this out before you make the same mistake. Stocking up on sock yarns sounds a great solution to needing a project in a hurry.

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  7. It sounds like you learned a lot from the experience – especially about buying quality yarn for big projects. I am surprised that you don’t like the sweater, though – it looks so great on you, and it’s such a unique design. But I know how it is. A sweater has to feel right for you. Take care, Bekki. Xoxo


    1. Thank you. It’s bergere de france magic. I haven’t liked any of their yarn apart from the sock yarn – so even if I wasn’t going all out for British wool, I wouldn’t be buying theirs again.

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