Sunday Sevens -May 8th

Time again for Sunday Sevens,  the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share photos of their personal week.

  1. Last Sunday we decided to walk to Whistman’s Wood, but as we ascended the moor the mist grew thicker and thicker. Still we had the map and compass with us and knew the path was well worn, so on we went, thinking the woods would be all the more spooky for a bit of mist. We parked up and headed across the moor…


2. Unfortunately, despite the map and compass, we followed a well worn path that led to a Longaford Tor not the woods. Sadly none of it’s usual impressive views were visible.

longaford tor

3. After we’d return home and put on some nice dry clothing we headed to our lovely next door neighbours for a late Sunday afternoon roast dinner.


4. Of course no dinner party is complete without a Nerf gun fight – sorry about the dark pics.

5. Monday was a bank holiday here in the UK. Apart from walking Hicks, I spent the day emptying these two cupboards – ready for when they are removed. I must have emptied half of the other kitchen cupboards trying to work out how to rehome everything and I had to give the pantry a major tidy to make even more space.


6. While I was tidying and rearranging things, I found my Pogles Wood plate.

pogles wood plate

Any one else remember Pogles woods?

7. The rest of the week was pretty mundane, but finally, after a very damp soggy Sunday and snow the week before, summer arrived on Tuesday 🙂


Hope you’ve had a great week too.

Bekki Hill

40 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens -May 8th

  1. The weathers really crazy at the minute up here too. Your Sunday dinner looks scrummy!! I’m on a major health kick and that pic is making me drool!! Glad you didn’t show me if you had a pudding! Hope you’ve been able to make the most of the sunshine 😎😎😎😎😎

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    1. We certainly are – been to the beach today 🙂 Hope you are too. Guess the sunshine’s giving you a chance to show off your Portuguese tan.

      Better not mention that we had three puddings.

      I’m getting back on the wagon too, having given up dieting when I had that virus that took so long to shake.

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  2. Hi Bekki. I love the first two picures and the idea of the mist in the woods. Kind of exciting! Though it was probably for the best that you guys wound up somewhere else – since, if that could happen even with a map and compass, maybe the woods would have been really dissorienting. We occassionally get mist in the mornings, but then it usually clears right away (we never get mist in winter, though). I bet you can’t wait to see your kitchen when it’s all ready. Anyhow, enjoy summer! What a joy when it finally arrives. 🙂

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    1. We don’t just have mist but really dense fog at times – sometimes all day even in the summer :-(. Dartmoor is famed for it. Kitchen may be a while – the guy who’s doing it just had a baby – well his wife did – and I put him off coming when he returns to work as my hubby’s off then, so not sure when. Just wanted to get it done, so I don’t have to drop everything to clear cupboards if I’m busy with other things. Have a great week xx

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  3. Oh that misty walk looks intriguing. Is Mr Hicks confirming your whereabouts perhaps? You new kitchen will be lovely….I assume the AGA will be staying? My cousin has a red one that I’d give a limb for. 😉 The summer photos is wonderful – hope the sunshine continues!

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    1. I don’t know about intriguing – wet and cold more like. I was very unimpressed as there was no mist when we left home and I really wanted to go to the woods. It’s only the bit around the aga we’re doing. It needed repairing and the top wouldn’t come off, because the granite surface was fitted too close, so we had to pull it apart and would rather have a work surface either side, now we’re half way there already. Oh yes, I love my aga too.

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  4. I love the walk in the mists, it looks so much fun. I know I would have had a field day. Glad you got some pretty photos to share.
    Dinner just looked amazing, nothing quite like a good roast dinner. Yummy.
    Enjoy the sunshine and lovely warmer weather, keeping my fingers crossed it stays now! 🙂

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    1. I think we’re so used to mist and fog here we don’t get excited, just get the waterproofs out. I love a roast – especially when someone else has made it. Sadly weather not looking so good this week.

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      1. Keeping my fingers crossed for the weather out your way. Its chilly here, yet sunny. When you find a nice sheltered spot in the sun its very pleasant. Night temps have now finally dropped to single digits. 🙂
        It is very true, when someone else does the cooking I love it much more. Specially my daughters chicken pie. 🙂

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    1. Apart from that I’m not writing fiction at all now :-/ As for the cupboards, they were the ones full of everything we rarely use and you never quite know where to put – it was a real game finding it all new homes.

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      1. I am sorry to hear that Bekki, I have been reading Big Magic by the same writer as Eat Pray love – it is awesome! – Mostly it encourages us to do things for the love of doing them. If you can manage to live without an income from writing, then isn’t that liberating? You can do it for the love of telling a good story? And ebooks make publishing so much easier.
        It would be a pity to give up something so enjoyable? Unless non-fiction is just as much fun for you.

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      2. Actually I do like non fiction as much. But my biggest reason is that I’m in a different place now. So although I don’t disagree we should do some things just for the love of doing them, I love doing other things more.


    1. Funny how quickly we forget as the weather changes. Poor Mr Hicks had to stay on the lead as he’s a sheep chaser and we could have practically had one next to us and not spotted it before him. But funny enough, at one point he insisted he wanted to go down a different track, that probably was the one that led to the woods. Shame we didn’t listen.

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  5. I love to hear when the U.K. is having ‘PHEW WHAT A SCORCHER!’ , ‘HOTTER THAN IBIZA’ weather. Everybody gets so excited and all the pretty summer dresses start appearing. What I don’t miss though are the traffic jams as everybody heads for the coast.

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, we’re easily pleased with a bit of good weather (or snow) Fortunately we don’t really have jams to the beach around the coast here down here – even in tourist season – that’s for those up country folks who have way more cars on the road. Although we do have coastal jams when the weather’s bad and the holiday makers are looking for something else to do 😦


  6. Golly, still sorting out the kitchen from the Aga Saga? You’ll be glad when that’s all finished, no doubt, although if you’re anything like me your cupboards will be all the better for an enforced clearout. We’re back to misty rain again today but, as it’s still 18 degrees, we’re in T-shirts and flip flops. Well, the boots have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe until October now!

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    1. Still waiting because we didn’t want to turn the aga off, so were waiting for summer – which as you know has taken a while to turn up. It’s off now, but the guy who’s doing it for us has just had a baby, so a couple of weeks yet, but I know what I’m like, so cleared the cupboards while I had time – I agree, I only do these things when forced. I wore my boots in the warm rain yesterday, but only because my feet were so tired after a long long walk Saturday. Nicer today, but I think the misty rain’s on it’s way from you to us.

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