Exhibit B #MMMay16

This year I joined Me May May, pledging to wear one garment I had made each week that I never or rarely wore, and to reflect on why I didn’t wear it. As we’re in week two, here’s my second…

Eva's Shawl

I can already here some of my lovely readers saying, ‘But we like that!’ However, that’s not the only bit of deja vu I’m getting. This second piece of me made clothing, just like the first, I made:

  • because I needed a project – this time to practice crochet.
  • from yarn I bought in a hurry that I don’t really like the colour of. I never wear purple (lilac maybe – but nothing this dark) and I certainly don’t wear that mustard colour.

Also, as with exhibit A, the yarn is naff. I don’t know about the wear-ability – since I’ve never worn it – but every single ball had at least one knot in it where the ends had been tied together. Any yarn maker who treats knitters with such contempt goes straight on my black list.

But back to the shawl…

Although I knew I never wear purple or mustard, I made this shawl to sit on the back of the chair at my desk to fling over my shoulders when I got cold sitting for a long time. Unable to find a yarn I liked, I settled for this one, telling myself it didn’t really matter what colour it was. But have I flung it over my shoulders when I’ve got cold? Not once. Every time I get cold I go search out a warm cardigan.

So, I know why I made it and I know why I don’t wear it. I now just need to give myself a few more slaps on the leg for ignoring rules I already had about purchasing yarn and lacking patience!

I’m also going to start a Things I’ve Learned That I Already Knew list. If you made such a list, what would you put on yours?

Bekki Hill


30 thoughts on “Exhibit B #MMMay16

  1. I SO know where you’re coming from! I don’t mind using acrylic yarn for blankets (in fact it’s the best kind as they get treated so badly and need regular washing) but now only like using decent yarns for garments/shawls. Whatever yarn you’ve used here, I agree about multiple joins in a single ball…

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      1. I totally agree, but manmade is often more practical for gifts as the recipients don’t know how to care for natural yarns then all your efforts are wasted. I also tend to keep the good yarns for my own projects.

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  2. I would say exactly the same as Sheila (sewchet) but we’ve all done exactly the same thing I’m sure. It always amazes me how many projects on Ravelry get ‘frogged’ but I’m guessing you won’t do that as you’re not keen on the yarn anyway. Does Mr. Hicks need a new blanket?
    My list of ‘Things I’ve Learned That I Already Knew’ would be far too long to include here – or anywhere 😉

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    1. 🙂 My list probably too – I’m just going to put new ones on as they arise.
      There’s a lady who asked for a copy of the pattern when she saw my shawl, so I’m going to ask her if she’s like it. Mush as I dote on the boy, I couldn’t put all that work in for HRH to chew holes in it.


      1. I know what you mean! I buy crochet granny blankets from charity shops for the dogs’ beds and, although I know it was somebody’s work, at least it wasn’t mine.

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  3. OMG, I hear you! I am knitting a store sample shawl, and thus had no say in the yarn selection, but I was interested to try it, as it is an expensive brand of yarn. It is a blend of natural and man-made fibers, and darned if I didn’t come to a joining knot! Luckily it was in the middle of a garter field, not a lace one, so I was able to deal, but I was not impressed. Also, I had to unknit a row, which I did carefully, and found this yarn does not like being used too much. I will not buy any for myself, that is for sure. I am not ruling out the whole company like I did the other, but I will be leery. 🙂

    As for your shawl – the workmanship is perfect, OF COURSE. So if you don’t like it and won’t use, why not donate it to a charity that could use it? I often wind up donating (or selling) things I make that have nothing really wrong but just aren’t “me.” It clears the way for new things that do work for me.

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    1. There’s no excuse for knots, they can heat join them together, which surely must be as easy as making a knot. In expensive yarn even more unforgivable. Sorry to hear you’ve had this experience, although it has at least saved you spending money to find that out about the yarn. It’s a conundrum though that a nice fibre might not like being unpicked, yet we’re all capable of mistakes however experienced.

      As for the shawl – thank you for the lovely compliments. I think there’s a lady I know who might like it 🙂 And yes, what better than making room for more knitting or crochet 🙂

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      1. Sorry went quiet. I had one of those moments like when you’re about to ditch a boyfriend and another girl takes interest and you suddenly think he might be worth keeping. But no, I do love the shawl, I’ll just never wear it, so it needs to go to a good home. Feels odd talking money here though, so if you’re still interested, can you contact me please through my contact page – I did look for a contact on you blog, but couldn’t find one.

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  4. Understand entirely on this one – I don’t like nasty yarn or those colours either. I’d probably give that to the cat to sleep on – and he’d probably ignore it! 🙂 Or sell it to a person who would like it …. 🙂


  5. It’s true how we all some times ignore what we know that we know! Lol. I do like the colours a lot, but I know that some colours suit us and some colours don’t. Example: Me and yellow. The colour is great, but it just looks terrible on me. Maybe some day I will stumble upon a shade that suits me. Anyhow, you are observing some good lessons from this Me May May. 📝

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    1. When I first saw me made may, I thought it was simply about encouraging people to wear and share what they’ve made,, but it’s so much deeper. Amazing what a few questions and a bit of thought brings 🙂

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  6. Yep, I have loads of cheap plastic yarn from when I first started to knit and what really annoys me is the time I invested in knitting lovely patterns in it. That was a big learning curve for me! But still, it’s all good experience – even if you don’t like the finished item!

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    1. The yarn in the shawl isn’t cheap plastic – which makes the knots even more unacceptable. The only cheap plastic yarn I have is stuff I’ve rescued from charity shops or been donated for the specific purpose of knitting for charity. Charities so often request you knit in the stuff, it’s useful to have and puts unwanted yarn to good use. May be you’ll spot some charity projects in the future that you want to use yours on 🙂


  7. Whether you like the colours or not, Bekki, they go together well. I imagine you don’t wear purple and mustard because they don’t suit your colouring? I don’t like mustard and would never wear it on its, own, but in with other shades it looks good. A useful shawl to have.

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