Exhibit C MMMay16

This year I joined Me May May, pledging to wear one garment I had made each week that I never or rarely wore, and to reflect on why I didn’t wear it. It’s week three already, so here’s my third…

Frost Flower Lace Shawl

Things are definitely improving as we move through May: I didn’t like anything about my first garment except the fit. I thought I didn’t like my second, but on reflection and discussing it with you lovely lot, I’ve realised, I love it, just not the colours. I like exhibit C and even like the colours. In fact, I’d go as far as to say, I love everything about it.

Thinking about why I’ve only worm it once, I’ve concluded that not only was last summer very wet and damp – more jacket and sweater than wrap weather – I’m not sure what I’ve got in my wardrobe that really works well with it.

Now summer’s finally appearing, I’m going to dig through my wardrobe to see if I have anything that really  does work  with it. If I can’t find anything, I’ll bear it in mind when I’m shopping.

All in all I’m glad I dug it out for #MMMay16, so I don’t forget I’ve got it.

Bekki Hill

23 thoughts on “Exhibit C MMMay16

  1. Love that! It would really dress up a plain outfit, which is what I use scarves and shawls and other wraps for all year long (they can go on top of sweaters, you know!) I think if you haven’t got anything just right for it, then you definitely should go shopping. But a plain white knit shirt and jeans or a skirt are all that it needs to shine. I suspect you could find those in your wardrobe if you wanted to skip the shopping. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I think it just misses most things in my wardrobe. I’m going to have a good sort through though when I’ve finished my MMMay reviews and if I can’t find anything, I’m jut going to have to go shopping 🙂

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  2. You could always decide to unearth your sewing machine and make something!! Haha, only kidding! It looks like it’s a fairly neutral colour, I could always send you my cream hoodie, it’d look lovely with that! 😃

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    1. Oh yes please, send me that lovely hoodie 🙂 I seem to be getting further and further away from making anything with the sewing machine. But unearth is definitely the word. It’s unbelievably full of stuff, I can barely see the sewing machine any more.

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