Sunday Sevens – May 22nd

Time again for Sunday Sevens,  the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

Most of this week has been about spending time with Lovely Eldest and finally getting everything together to start sending my knitting kits out into the world. But the start of the week was packed with lots of other lovely experiences to take photos of, so I’ve put a few more than seven.

  1. Walking Mr Hicks on Sunday morning we saw so many perfect dandelion heads ready to fly.


2. In our own garden the rhododendron tree was coming into full bloom.


3. Although I only trimmed Mr Hicks a couple of weeks ago, it was so cold I didn’t thin his fur out much. A sudden burst of heat last weekend meant a second haircut and garden full of fluff – Mr Hicks isn’t the most patient client.


4. On Monday we headed for the airport to pick up Lovely Eldest. But first we visited the antique centre close by. Nothing grabbed our attention – but I did buy a foot for a coupe of quid. If you’ve ever tried to take pictures of the socks you’ve knitted, you’ll know why.


5. On the way out of the antiques centre we saw these amazing plants.


6. There was just time for a pub lunch before eldest’s plane was due. So we stopped at this pub covered in beautiful wisteria.


7. Also time for a walk around the graveyard of the church next to the pub, where we spotted an old pillory or are they stocks?


8. Finally we reached the airport and acquired Lovely Eldest.


9. Back home we found some of next doors chickens had invaded us while their owners were on holiday.


10. But we resisted putting them on the BBQ.


11. Lovely husband was also off work on Tuesday, so we went to Cotehele  and had lunch at The Edgecombe.


12. Forgot to take pics of lunch at the Edgecombe, but here’s a couple of other naughty meals I’ve had eating out with Lovely Eldest this week.

What with Lovely Eldest here and finally getting the knitting kits together, it’s been a wonderful week. Hope you’ve had a good one too.

Bekki Hill

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – May 22nd

  1. No better excuse to forget the diet for a while than to treat lovely offspring to a feast. I’m intending to do the same when I come over to the U.K. in a couple of weeks.
    None of my dogs like being groomed and it really is a pain having to trail round the garden after them. I vaguely remember my Mum running the vacuum over our dog when we were kids – although she’d probably deny it now 😉
    As for the foot – creepy but handy!

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    1. Ha ha! Mr Hicks would be horrified if I tried to vacuum him. The foot gave youngest a fright on Sunday when she came over 🙂 I’d left it on top of a cupboard and totally forgotten about it. Have a wonderful time in the UK if we don’t converse before you leave – although I suspect we will.


  2. Oh, that rhododendron! Mr Hicks looks really p****d off in the distance there, as far away from the clippers as he can get, by the looks of it. Eating out is always a treat, but a BBQ as well? You obviously had better weather than South Somerset this week! The foot was a lucky find – I want one!

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