Lucky me!

To celebrate her 4th year of blogging the lovely Joey at Little Black Dog SA ran a giveaway of yarns produced locally to her.  Whilst I love exploring British breed yarns, the curious part of me also loves to explore what locally produced yarn means to other people. So I entered the giveaway.

And I won!

Ironically, in the week I launched The Dartmoor Yarn Company, led by my passion for and belief in all our lovely British wooliness, I received some very non-Dartmoor, non woolly yarn.


This is Bamsi T, a super soft 100% bamboo artisan yarn created close to Johannesburg – where Joey lives. It has a high sheen, garments created from it are said to drape well, and it apparently has an anti allergen factor that makes it good for those with allergy issues.

It looks and feels gorgeous and is a great reminder that local means different places to different people and how great it is to share our local products and diversity – which brings me back full circle to one of the reasons I started The Dartmoor Yarn Company; to share some of Dartmoor’s fabulous localness.

Thank you again to Joey for sharing her wonderful localness with me. All I need to know now is, what do you think I should knit with my Bamsi T?

28 thoughts on “Lucky me!

  1. It’s gorgeous – and a beautiful colour. Do you have enough for a short sleeved (or sleeveless) summer top or what about a 3/4 length sleeved cropped wrap cardigan?
    Lucky you!

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  2. Oooh, aren’t you the lucky one? This looks to be lovely yarn, with a nice sheen – would make a beautiful anything. 😉 Will be curious to learn it compares to your own wool. (And hearty congrats on your new venture!)

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    1. You’re right, it will be beautiful whatever – although I think the right pattern will really make it shine. Yes, a complete contrast to my woollen spun ryeland. Definitely yarns for different jobs.

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  3. Congrats Bekki – what a wonderful surprise! I use bamboo yarn often for lightweight tops and shawls – it is a very different product to wool. I love it!! Oh, and PS it can split while you are working it, but I learned that paying attention helps with that 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it funny how important paying attention is all sorts of situations 😉 Seriously though, thanks for that tip – you know how good I am getting distracted by five or so other things while I’m knitting. I was thinking shawl, but I like your and Lynn’s suggestions of summer tops – I’d get more wear from them.


  4. I am very happy to share my local yarns with you, as I know how such you appreciate “local” in many ways.
    Hope you get to enjoy the yarn and knit up something pretty to surprise us with some time.
    🙂 Take care

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    1. Thank you again. Although right now I’m going hell for leather knitting sheepy stuff from my own wool so I have samples of some new projects. Your wool will be a lovely relaxation knit when I’m not 🙂 Thank you!

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      1. I totally agree with you, and I absolutely love your local yummy yarns. They look so amazing and natural and soft. 🙂
        Have fun, and I always look forward to your updates on your local yarns and ideas.

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