Sunday Sevens – May 28th

Wow! What an exhausting week! But although it’s been jam packed, I still can’t believe it’s Sunday again already, and time again for Sunday Sevens. Sunday Sevens is the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

  1. Both lovely daughters were home last weekend. Here they are proving you’re never too old to tease Mr Hicks…


2. … or Mum…


3. Not to mention showing us what the combination of mine and Lovely Husband’s genes, and therefore our offspring, should really look like…


4.  Lovely Youngest went back to work on Tuesday, but it’s been a real treat to walk Mr Hicks every day for the last two week with Lovely Eldest…


5. As Lovely Youngest left, the builders arrived to finally sort out the kitchen space around the aga. Knocking down the chimney breast caused an awful lot of dust and mess, but it’s going to be a much better space when it’s finished.


By Friday it looked much better…


6. Friday was also the day I went to the dentist. Love this sign every time I see it. Never had to tell us this sort of thing up country.


7.  Saturday was the annual village fayre. I won a bag of haribo for getting a ping pong ball in a jam jar.

There was a lot more too this week – including a lot of food! But that’s all I stood still long enough to take pictures of. Hope you’ve had a great week too.

Bekki Hill


19 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – May 28th

  1. Daughters! Don’t you just love them. They should think themselves lucky the genes from you and LH combined themselves in more flattering ways and that biology triumphed over technology.
    Congratulations on your Haribo win – you’re looking lovely and trim by the way.

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, technology certainly got it wrong on looks. Thank you – although I’ve actually sneaked some weight on – everything went wrong when I had flu and I’ve lost the plot since then!


  2. My two eldest have fun with that app, too, and it tickles The Boys pink! Luckily, Mother Nature is (usually) kinder when sharing out the genes. I love village fair time – ours is in a couple of weeks and is shared with the school, hence the frantic making of things for them to sell. Well done on your ping pong skills:)

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    1. It’s such a lovely event – enjoy yours. Ours has been combined with Safety on Dartmoor day for the last two years to help boost attendance, and this year they moved it from July to this weekend to try to help attendance too. It does seem to have worked – although good weather helps too.

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  3. Such special times to have the children visit, though I find time always goes far too quickly before they have to leave again…great fun to win at the village fair too, Haribo, much better than having to lug a gold fish round all day 😉

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      1. How lovely to have your Eldest over for a full two weeks ~ Special times!!
        Poor things, I know! I’ve not seen any for a good few years, but I do remember having to take home a good many in plastic bags when I was younger ~ I think Haribo is a much better option!

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