My next project

Having surveyed my knitted wardrobe during Me Made May, via considering the me mades I never or rarely wore, I came to two main conclusions:

Hurried buying of yarn or deciding too quickly on knitting projects was one of my sins I was already well aware of, and this surfaced several times. However, the other was more unexpected, but became glaringly obvious:

Exhibit A helped me recognise I knit sweaters when sometimes I’d be better off knitting a cardigan.

20160214_115457 (1)

When considering Exhibit B, I recognised that maybe I’d have been better of knitting a cardigan than a shawl to throw over my shoulders when I’m working.

Eva's Shawl

I don’t think it made the discussion about Exhibit C, but in all honesty, I think I’m happier wearing a fancy cardigan than a fancy shawl.

Frost Flower Lace Shawl

And Exhibit D? Whilst you wonderful lot out there gave me some good suggestions for getting to grips with my lacy sweater, it was pointed out to me by Sarah at whatimuptotoday, that I would probably be better turning it into a lacy cardigan.

Bekki Bench Lacy Jumper

On top of me receiving a huge message from #MMM16 that cardigans are definitely the way forward, my wardrobe only contains one casual cardigan I like wearing. The other cardigans are either ready for the bin – but I don’t want to part with them – or ones that go with specific outfits.

So the message is unmistakable: My next project for me will be a cardigan. So far I’ve been thinking about patterns. I’ve got as far and drawing one out and casting on a piece to test  what I’ve drawn will look the way I think it will. So I’m not hurrying this either. And I have to say I am enjoying savouring the idea of making it and how gorgeous it will be when it’s finished. I just hope it lives up to my expectations.



13 thoughts on “My next project

  1. I’m with you on the cardigan front. I wear them much more often than jumpers and there so much easier to take on and off if it gets too hot/cold. My boyfriend cardigan I made recently is probably my favourite ever knitting project and I think I’m going to make another one but it is a chunky, big one and, for the summer I prefer fine knit ones to go over sleeveless dresses. I have to confess, however, I buy them from Boden. Don’t hate me.

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    1. It’s funny isn’t it, so often we find when we ask these sort of questions, we discover we already knew the answer, but the whole cardigan thing is a real revelation 🙂 Thanks again for your help.

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  2. Funny, the subtle call of the cardigan. I can’t wait to see what you come up with…a lacy one? A striped one? A chunky one? (My mom wants to knit a cardigan, but can’t seem to select either yarn or pattern. sigh.)

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    1. It can be so frustrating when you get something in your minds eye, but can’t find it in the real world. Hope your mum manages to make a satisfactory selection soon. Personally I’m thinking a pink Aran cardi and I’m going to dye some of my own wool for it and I’ve already made up the pattern – well, assuming the test swatches come out ok.

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  3. I tend to wear jumpers much more when made up in fabric but not so much wool jumpers.
    My most recent knit was a pullover that my nan started in a greeny blue will with metallic blue flecks. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing that in a million years so turned it into a cardigan. It’s likely to get much more use now

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