Sherbet Lemon Socks – Ta Da!

Last week I showed you the heel of my Sherbet Lemon Socks that I was knitting for the No Nylon Sock KAL and, I’m pleased to say, this week I finally finished them despite a heap of other projects and distractions. And not only finished , but I actually wrote the pattern up today!

As regular readers may remember, I set a goal at the beginning of the year to post six patterns on Ravelry. So far, I’ve posted none. But now I’ve finally written something up, I just need to work out how to add patterns to Ravelry. So while I twist my brain around that that, I’ll leave you to look at the pics of the finished article…

No kitchener stitch sock20160612_14175120160612_141734

Square/Dutch heel
Round toe

Some of you may remember that when I knitted the first of this pair I didn’t like the round toe and you suggested incorporating it in the pattern, which I’ve done and I think works well with this tiny twisted stitch. Hope you agree.

Bekki Hill


32 thoughts on “Sherbet Lemon Socks – Ta Da!

    1. Thank you. Will do. I’m having a tooth extracted yesterday and have ben told I’ll need to rest as it’s quite deep and going to be quite surgical – so that will give me plenty of time to mess and get it done, assuming I’m thinking straight after the experience.


    1. It is. I bought it for a couple of quid in an antiques barn. First time I’ve used it – much easier than trying to contort yourself to take pics of your own foot or explain to hubby which bits of your foot you want him to take the picture of 🙂


    1. Oh yes. I nearly called them buttercup, but it seemed too predictable. Mind it would be a lovely shot of them in your buttercup field. I’ll keep an eye open – Problem is too many sheep around here and hubby’s far to keen on cutting the lawn 😦 Ha! Who’d have thought I’d every say too many sheep was a problem 🙂


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