Sunday Sevens June 12th

June is flying by and Sunday’s here again, so time for another Sunday Sevens. Sunday Sevens is the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins  devised for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

  1. It was another lovely warm sunny week – well, at least until Friday. Unfortunately that’s not so good for Mr Hicks. He’s really been struggling to walk far, despite heading out early. He’d much rather be doing this…


2.My favourite plant in our garden bloomed this week – Of course I’ve no idea what it’s call. Anyone know?


3. I’ve been busy with the dyes out this week. Still playing with some colours but I’ll dye some full skeins next week.


4. Great to see our kits in The Kooky Nook in Okehampton. They’re in a couple of other shop windows too, but no photos – explanation a photo 5

5. My phone broke today…


I lost EVERYTHING on it and my final few photos for the week are  lost. So I’m afraid it’s Sunday fives this week. Although I can tell you the missing pics are of more shop windows, a parcel with a surprise knitting project insidet and a yummy curry. Guess you’ll just have to use your imagination.

And if you’re someone who’s phone number I should have please text me.

Bekki Hill

37 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens June 12th

  1. Don’t taunt me with your warm sunny weather of last week. I arrived on Friday and have been dodging showers ever since. Still at least it’s not cold.
    Poor Mr. Hicks. Still at least he’s got his wallow pool and that’s what’s important.
    When will you be revealing the contents of your kits and the finished items to your loyal blog followers? We’ll have to wait until you get a new phone now anyway I suppose 😦

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    1. If it’s any consolation I’m getting rained on too now. Sorry got a bit confused with the kits. I wanted to get my site set up to sell products before I make a fuss about them. There’s a two fold reason of seems silly to make a fuss if no one can buy them and I don’t want to keep shoving the same thing in everyone’s face if I do it now and later when the site is set up. And of course life keeps get in the way – but in lots of good ways – I’ve just managed to secure a free stall at a craft fair next weekend, so am going hell for leather trying to get stuff done for that. Have a new phone now though and my kit contents are on the page kits and yarn on my website – if you want to look – although I really put that up so retailers I approach can find it.


  2. Poor Mr Hicks 😦 I hope he’s feeling more lively with the return of cooler weather – though maybe that hasn’t reached you it. Here we’ve had downpours to clear the air and today feels quite cool!
    I think your flowers might be bleeding heart/dicentra spectabilis –

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    1. Bless you, thank you, they do look like my flowers 🙂 I’ve got some more I need identifying too, so I’ll post them next Sunday and hope you’re around.

      We have the cooler temperatures and rain too. And. yes, Mr Hicks is liking it more – although he still needs to stop for a rest on most walks these days – poor chap, getting old isn’t much fun 😦


      1. You’ve got more confidence in my flower recognition skills than I have, but I’ll try to remember to check next week’s post. Meanwhile, try a trick I heard Alan Titchmarsh share – if asked, just say ‘Oh that’s the officinalis variety’. Almost every plant has one, using the Latin bit sounds like you know all about it, and there’s no need to mention what it’s a variety of!

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    1. Thanks for the phone sympathy. I’m not good with phones. Although my last one had a much MUCH harder life and survived.

      My friend says when she dies and meets God she’s going to ask him why he didn’t put zips in dogs coats so they could take them off 🙂

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    1. Don’t tell anyone, but I love the new phone I now have – so when ‘ve got all my contacts together again, I’ll be a much happier bunny.

      Am very excited about the dyeing. Haven’t done any for ages.


  3. Ooh, dyeing your own yarn sounds fun and something I’ve never tried before. Exciting to see your kits in the shops – I’ll look out for them when I’m down that way next.

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    1. I’ve been as far east as Bovey Tracy and Ashburton, although jury still out on both. Looking at other places that side of the moor too.

      Dyeing is great fun – I started my working life in analytical chemistry and I just love all the mixing and measuring and calculating. Not to mention that magical moment when you find out what your dyed yarn actually looks like 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Yes a busy but nice week. The day I took that photo Hicks hardly walked any distance at all, even though it was early and in the shade. It’s only been getting to 20 degrees or so, but I think the combination of his age and that he’s got so much more fur now he’s off the steroids, is really hitting him. xx


  4. Oh no! it is surprising how much we rely on technology isn’t it? I do hope you recover all your data, sometimes the info is held on a card rather than the phone itself! My phone died earlier this year, but lucky for me my iTunes just restored it all to the new phone, hope it does for you.


  5. Such a nice lovely sunny weekend. 🙂
    It was of course a freezing chilly windy weekend here in Johannesburg, and arriving at work this morning with a mere 4 degrees C. I don’t mind, I enjoy our cooler weather.
    I know the feeling about your phone. Had a similar incident last year and lost it all. Now I back up as often as I can.
    Take care.

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  6. Shame about breaking your phone. Depending on what make your new one is looking into cloud back up might be good. Google backs up ask of my contacts, photos and apps so I only loose stuff that I have taken since the last time I was on WiFi (and charging, but that is optional)
    Looking forward to seeing the wool

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      1. I was surprised how easy it was, far quicker! It’s very similar to on a pc, I didn’t really have to work anything out, it was all self explanatory. The only difference was that I couldn’t choose the picture for the feed, they just use the first one in your post. Another time I would just put that pic at the top of the post!

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