Thirteen Creative Goals – Half Way There

I’ve barely had time to blink since I posted the three month reviews of my creative goals. But here we are already turning the half way point in the year! So I’m sitting down again to review my progress. Here’s the goals I’ve stuck to/am on target with…

Goal 1 – 85% of my yarn purchases will be 100% British wool.

I’ve bought no British wool since March, but have knitted with a good amount of British wool I already had. The non-British wool yarn I have bought has all been for presents for babies. So in my book that sticks with original intentions of my goal.

Moss Bordered Diamonds Baby Blanket

Goal 2 – Only buy yarn when I know what I’m going to use it for.

Big tick here, yarn has only been purchased for baby gifts.

Goal 3 – Think thoroughly before I take on any new project.

Done this, or at least there’s nothing I’m regretting having started since March.

Goal 4 – Learn 6 new sock knitting techniques.

So far this year I’ve explored:

Goal 5 – Post at least six patterns on Ravelry.

After posting about my Ravelry fears, I’ve managed – with encouragement from you lovely people – to get more into Ravelry, overcome my fears and post two patterns in the last month. So, although to be up with my goal, I should have posted three at this point, I’ve come such a long way since March, so I’m counting this as on target.

Goal 6 – Experiment/learn something new each month

My work on The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s products and patterns has been more than enough to tick this box. But my craft experimenting/learning has also included the sock techniques, experiments for my next cardigan and a currently secret gift.


Goal 7. Learn more about dyeing wool with plants and other natural products.

I’ve got a workshop on this booked in July, so not yet, but not a ‘fail’ either.

That’s seven out of thirteen goals I’m on target with. I’ll consider the six I’m not doing so well with over the weekend and share them next week. However, I’m really pleased (and surprised) I’ve done so well with these – given I was ill for the whole of April and I’ve been launching The Dartmoor Yarn Company, so put very little conscious thought into my creative goal list.

If you set them, how are your goals going this year?

Bekki Hill

15 thoughts on “Thirteen Creative Goals – Half Way There

    1. Thank you. It’s quite fascinating how different the different breeds are. Knit British started a swatch along for people to knit and report on different local wool – how it knitted up and how it felt next to the skin. Of course we’re all different, but it might be worth a look. I’m not selling on Etsy, but working on web sales – which will hopefully happen soon. As always it’s about lack of time. I’m also working on having a softer blend I’m going to hand dye.


  1. I think you set goals that you were interested in accomplishing, so even though you didn’t focus on them, you accomplished them anyway. Good work! I’ll be curious to read abut the ones you think you aren’t doing so well with.

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    1. There’s a theory that writing goals down makes us more likely to achieve them – but then if we’re bothered enough to write them down in the first place, we’re probably pretty bothered about achieving them too.

      I like looking at the ones I don’t stay on course with better. It helps you spot what you only think you want to do – rather than really want to do. I also think you often learn things about yourself and you behaviour/attitude.

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      1. I think that writing them down helps us remember that we have them, keeps them in mind. As for the ones we don’t; do – you are right, they are learning experiences. 🙂 I have a goal to knit a sweater, and I think about it, and wonder when I will get upstairs to the yarn pile to see what I have, but I never do it. Maybe I don’t really want to knit a sweater?

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    1. Good for you – goals can definitely become blinkers that are detrimental/counterproductive if you let them. Some years I set goals, some I don’t. When i set them, I usually end up giving some up – but find that insightful in banishing things I think I want, but don’t from my consciousness. I think they’re a good monitoring process for me, but definitely not for everyone! x


  2. That is some excellent progress on your goals and launching a new business is a huge accomplishment too. Goals are a funny thing, they help shape thoughts and provide structure. In my case I try to keep them as non specific as I can to allow for the unexpected. For me this year it has become all about developing skills and being inspired by my fabric stash.Good luck for the rest of the year.


  3. You have been busy! You have done a great job with those goals so far. I have loose goals, I don’t really write them down but I have things in mind that I want to accomplish in a given month or year. In June I was determined to finish the socks I have been working on (tick!) and this year I wanted to design a custom made jumper for my friend (but that might get deferred to 2017 at this rate) My overriding goal is to enjoy what I am working on, and if I’m not feeling a particular project I don’t want to be afraid of ripping back and starting something new, it’s all experience 🙂

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    1. Sounds like you’re doing good. I’m sure I’ve said before that I believe how and if we set goals is a very personal thing. However enjoying what we’re doing sounds like a great overriding goal to me 🙂


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