Thirteen Creative Goals – The ones I’m not doing so well with

Last Thursday I blogged about the creative goals I’m on target with . Over the weekend I’ve been considering those I’m not doing so well on.

Goal 8 – Attend at least two workshops.

I’ve a plant/natural dyeing workshop booked, but I’m still looking for a second. I know there’s a couple of programmes I’m waiting for to come out, hoping to find something that appeals on one of them.

Goal 9 – Crochet regularly.

I haven’t lifted my crochet hook in three months – apart from to dust around it. I know it’s partly because I’ve been so busy knitting gifts and with and The Dartmoor Yarn Company, but I’m still trying to work out if I’m okay with that. I enjoy crochet, but knitting is my first love and I don’t believe we have to follow through with a goal just because we set it.

Eva's Shawl

Goal 10 – Make something for Christmas every month.

I haven’t made anything for Christmas all year apart from knitting half of the back  of LH’s Christmas Sweater. The  reasons are the same as for not achieving Goal 9 above. But unlike Goal 9, I’m definitely NOT fine with this. This goal was about making Christmas less panicked. The way I’m going currently will change nothing from the way it was last year.

I’m going to start addressing this deficit by making a list of twelve things I want to make for Christmas.

Goal 11. Eliminate the UFO pile.

That cushion cover is still hanging around. Grrr!!! And the wardrobe still isn’t painted. Double Grrr!!! Reasons for not doing are again lack of time.

Okay, rash pledge that I’m going to work on them both next time we have a free weekend.

Bethelhem Star Block

Goals 12. Each weekend, when we’re not away or have visitors, I will make/do something for the house or garden.

I’ve no idea if I’m sticking to this one, because we’ve had so many busy weekends lately. I probably am, but gardening tends to get the look in and everything else left. Will work in balancing house and garden more.



Goal 13 – Knit LH a Christmas Jumper.

As I said, I’ve knitted half a back in about 5 months! That’s because it’s all stocking stitch at the moment and only being knitted when I want something to knit in the car in the dark. At the moment it’s not dark until gone ten at night!

I think to address this I need to promote it to being local journey car knitting and see how it goes.

All in all, apart from the crochet goal, I’m resolving to be reporting successes on all the above in three months time. Let’s just hope the next three months don’t go as fast as the last three!

Bekki Hill

26 thoughts on “Thirteen Creative Goals – The ones I’m not doing so well with

  1. I don’t have any goals but yours make me think I should, but I might be miserable if I don’t achieve them. So I’ll just have one – to make your sock pattern before the year is out. There, said it now, so must go shopping tomorrow for sock wool, I mean yarn. 🙂

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    1. Huzzah! for setting a goal to knit my sock pattern. I seem to recall you encouraging me to do an easy sock KAL, and I still can if you want me to, but if you’re happy with the pattern I posted – go for it!

      As for goals, I think – as an ex-coach – the best attitude to goals is set them, but if you find yourself not achieving them to work out why. Do you really want to do it? What’s stopping you? etc Definitely no beating up. But if you’re tickety boo without goals, why set them?

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      1. That all makes sense, I probably have subconscious goals, like I’ve realised its the races a week on Saturday so I need to make a frock before then. So that’s a goal I s’pose. But I’ll just have one conscious goal at a time i think. I’d still be interested in your KAL – the sock pattern looks a bit foreign so I might be stalking you once I get going! 😀

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      2. Good luck with the dress. You’re right, we all have goals – we just aren’t always aware of them, or call them something else.

        And you’re right again, one doesn’t have to do the simplest pattern first. You can knit, so you can knit any sock. Hopefully the pattern I posted isn’t too foreign, but do shout for help if needed, or if you spot anything you think’s wrong with the pattern. 🙂
        Look forward to seeing it growing.


  2. Oh dear, you’ve just reminded me that my Christmas presents making isn’t going as well as it usually does by now! Like you, I’m always making something so it’s just a matter of forming a physical list and prioritising. Trouble is, I’m easily distracted….

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  3. Yes, hasn’t this quarter just down by, well the whole year so far really has just vanished. I think your crochet goal is a bit like me with knitting. I see some gossip patterns, even print some off but then when it comes to it, crochet always wins through apart from my waiting room socks! You’ve got me thinking about Christmas now, I was so much more organised this time last year but like you, I’m blaming setting up a business. Hope all goes well this next half of the year 😊. Xx

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    1. Sounds like we’re in a very similar space. You goals on present making every month last year were incredible. I’d forgotten about them, but guess that’s why you feel less organised this year? xx

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      1. If some goals get me started and into handcrafts that will be achievement enough for me. I have sooooooooo much craft stuff.

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