Colour Survey

I’m  thinking about the colours I’m hand dyeing my yarns with. Various people I’ve spoken to have been very helpful, but I thought I’d ask you guys too. So I made a survey. It would be really great if you’ve got a couple of minutes to answer the questions in it and/or pass on to anyone you know who knits or crochets.

The link is here

Thanks in advance,

Bekki Hill





12 thoughts on “Colour Survey

  1. I went and had a look but couldn’t fill it in properly as I knit clothing only rarely and, when I knit blankets, I just go with what takes my fancy (and is on sale!). Also, I’m drawn to different colours depending on whether it is a jumper/cardigan, socks or cushion/blanket and I couldn’t seem to express that in the survey. Actually, it would probably have been more easy for me to say what colours I never knit with. Other people will be more helpful I’m sure :/
    Good luck!

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  2. Done – but you didn’t include brown as a colour option and I realise I am quite fond of shades of that for clothing items – especially with variegated yarns.


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