Sunday Sevens – 10th July

Time for another Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of the wonderful Nat at Thread and Bobbins,  devised for bloggers to share seven photos of their personal week.

  1.  Monday was a sad day when I said goodbye to my lovely acupuncturist. She’s leaving for Germany to join her husband who works there. To thank her for all her wonderful work and support over the years, and to say goodbye and remind her of the moor, I made a pair of mitts in yarn grown, knitted and dyed on Dartmoor.


2. After being very poorly at the end of last week, Mr Hicks was feeling well enough on Tuesday to ask for a glass of wine…


3. Weather-wise it still hasn’t been anything like summer – apart from a short window Wednesday morning when we had a lovely sunny dog walk…


4. Driving home from the dog walk my arm started itching. I thought I’d been bitten, but it was this little chap…


5. Back at home, it was so warm and sunny,  I had lunch in the garden – can’t remember the last time I did that.


6. Took Hicks back to the vet on Thursday. She took blood and said she wanted to keep him in to scan when they had a gap in the schedule that day. As they couldn’t do it immediately I took him for a walk in the woods. We had a lovely walk including meeting this beautiful 5 month old cocker…


7. But when we got back to the car, we found someone had broken in. Fortunately I’ve got the sense not to leave anything in it worth taking…


Back at the vets they made me a cup of tea and bandaged my finger, which I’d caught clearing the broken glass. Mr Hicks had his scan and the results showed nothing untoward – despite his very swollen belly.


42 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 10th July

  1. Oh sorry about your car.That must have been a shock.:( Poor Mr Hicks too.Maybe this damp but warm weather is contributing to his ailments.Hope you get some sunshine this week.The mittens look fab.x

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  2. Good job you are sensible and didn’t leave anything in the car but what were they after I wonder? What a pain to have to go and get the window fixed up though – b********ds!!

    Sounds like poor Mr. Hicks is going through the mill again. Maybe you should give him a glass of wine next time he asks – that always makes me feel better.

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  3. well, that’s crazy – were they just being mean to smash the window, do you suppose? Just when you think you live in a nice, peaceful place. Anyway – the mitts are a very special gift, I am sure she was pleased and touched to get them. Hope Mr. Hicks continues to feel better. And that you get summer soon. We are having damp rainy weather now as well, so you are not alone. 🙂


    1. Thank you. No, I don’t think to be mean – I know someone who had parked on the road by the woods had a handbag taken from a glove compartment a few months ago – so suspect they were hoping to find the same. Although I was surprised they came into the carpark. It’s pretty busy and I suspect they got disturbed as they didn’t get further than disturbing my hoddie lying on the passenger seat. Mind, they clearly spent a bit of time trying to get the door open from the mess they’ve made on the inside.


  4. Good news that nothing untoward showed on Mr. Hick’s scan just hope he feels better soon! Your mitts are a lovely leaving gift and I’m sure they’ll get lots of use. What a terrible shock and inconvenience having your car broken into !! We could do with some of that lovely sunshine up north 😉

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  5. What an unpleasant surprise to return to a smashed car window. Sorry to hear that, glad there was nothing of value for the thieves to take. Your acupuncturist must have been quite touched to receive such a thoughtful gift. Hope Mr. Hicks’ condition continues to improve. Here’s to some sunny summer days for you guys~ 🌞🌳🌻

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  6. Oh my, I am so sorry about the car, exactly the same happened to me on a dog walk and I had nothing of value in the car either. As it happened I needed the car early the following morning and I had a very hard time finding someone to fix it. Finally done at 2am. Delighted Mr Hicks is ok. Have a good week.

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    1. Sorry to hear you had a similar experience – I’m sure it’s not uncommon, when cars are parked up in woods, they know you’ll be gone for a while walking a dog. I went with autoglass because I thought they’d come quickly, but it was 48 hours. I’ll go local if there’s a next time. Hope you’re having a good week.


  7. What a day that was with Mr Hicks at the vets and a car break in! Glad to hear he’s ok though. Maybe it’s a good idea to leave the glove box open to show that there’s nothing valuable in it? The nuisance factor of a break in is such a pain in the bum. Love the gloves and the yarn used – lucky acupuncturist! We were in North Devon on Saturday looking at more b+bs on Exmoor; I looked specifically for your kits in the local shops but had no luck – do you have a list of stockists for when we’re down there again?

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    1. Thank you and glad you like the gloves. Delighted to hear you looked for my kits 🙂 I’ve a list of stockists on my website, so that should be the most up to date place to look – it’s a link under ‘yarn and kits’. I’m changing the website all the time at moment, but if it moves it should become more prominent/obvious. At the moment the furthest north I am is Holsworthy – but I think she’s only opening every other day at the moment as she’s only just moved in there and is closing another shop. How did the B&B hunting go?

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      1. Yeah, ace, thanks – Woody Bay Hotel is now top of the list, although the private living accommodation needs a rethink and overhaul. I’ll take a list of your stockists with me next time:)

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      2. Just taken a peek. Nice place and a good spot. See why it’s top of list 🙂 Don’t know if we’ll ever have stockist out that far north – it is a fair way from Dartmoor, so I don’t know how the interest will go beyond that. But fingers crossed.

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  8. Glad Mr Hicks is improving. It sounds a rather eventful week! Is horrible having your car broken into. We’ve had Hubby’s can broken into and I woke once to find someone in the neighbours can at 2am. I thought it was the neighbour at first but when he came across the drive to our car and another lad emerged I realised they were thrives and managed to scare then off. Next door lost his phone, wallet and sat nav!

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  9. Catching up on reading blogs. So sorry to hear about your car. It is terrible.
    I am in the process of looking for another car at the moment, as mine was stolen, from my parking basement. It was pretty scary. Insurance was really great and have paid out. Now to find something else, which is not so easy.
    Take care. Hugs. 🙂

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