Knitters’ Weather?

The un-British highs of 33 degrees, that we’ve experienced in the last couple of days, might not be the weather for sitting knitting an afghan, but as a wool enthusiast they still pleased me no end. Not only have I been dyeing like a crazy lady – more on that another day – but a good hot day in July is just what’s needed to harvest some lavender.


As I’m sure you know, Lavender is a natural moth repellent – so a great way to keep the little critters away from my ever growing yarn stash.

We’ve a positive riot of unruly lavender that attempts to swamp our front steps every year. 20160719_191921

So yesterday, after a good hot, dry day, I took the scissors to it and gave it a haircut.

I’ve always understood the best time to harvest lavender is when the buds have formed on the plant, but the flowers haven’t opened. This is because it will fall off the stems more easily when dry, and also because once the flowers open, they begin to loose their scent. However, a quick google left me confused. Some website say cut it after the flowers have opened. But at least they all agreed it’s good for scaring away moths.

Do you harvest lavender, and if so, when? And what do you use it for?

Hope you’re enjoying the hot weather if you have it.

Bekki Hill

31 thoughts on “Knitters’ Weather?

  1. I don’t harvest it much any more as I used to make lots of lavender bags, etc. and now it makes me sneeze if I’m around it too much. However, I used to harvest it whenever I remembered to and I don’t recall that ever affecting the aroma. I do like to let the bees have a good old go at it first though – fair’s fair.
    I’m sorry, I am my usual non-helpful self :/

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  2. I grew lavender, when I lived in canada, a kind adapted to colder climates so that might similar to yours. There so many different kinds of lavender. I always harvested my lavender when the flowers just bloomed, they are more blue than lilac then. I never had problems with them loosing flowers or scent. xo Johanna

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  3. OMGoodness I’ve been wilting like a limp lettuce the past few days LOL If only we had the chance to acclimatise instead of being thrown in a ”gas mark 8′ ;-/
    So much lovely lavender on your pathway, I wonder if you could use it to dye some of your wool?! Maybe taken at different stages of the flowers opening would give a variety of shades too?!! 🙂

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    1. You’re right, it was exhausting. I even went to check Hicks was still alive at one point, because he hadn’t moved for so long.

      I was wondering about using it to dye wool too. I’m going on a course about natural dyeing in just over a week and will try to remember to ask. 🙂

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      1. Poor Mr. Hicks, I think Peppy was in the same rest up mode too, a case of let sleeping dogs lie, though, as they are both getting on a bit, I share the same concerns at times too.
        The course sounds very exciting and I’m sure you’ll learn lots of different techniques ~ I look forward to your post on it 🙂


  4. I have some lavender in my back yard.It does however resemble a twiggy bush.Every year I think,hmmm should I get rid of it.But it does still flower so I havnt the heart to.Yours looks much healthier.xx

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    1. I always give mine a good hard cut back at the end of the season to stop it going too woody. You need to be quite fierce but don’t go too mad of it won’t survive. Yours sounds as if may have got too out of hand for that though 😦

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  5. I love lavender, and as I share a garden, I grow mine in pots on the patio. Lol. I must admit that I simply cut away at them when I want to put the flowers in the house. And once dried, they go into baggies in the drawers all around the house.
    I should take tips from you and harvest them at their best.
    They do smell gorgeous though, whether fresh outdoors or indoors. 🙂

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    1. My friend who made that comment is a doula and works in various capacities with pregnant and new mothers. I’ve filed the thought about steaming under, ‘They didn’t do it in our day, so I don’t need to know any more details’ 😉

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