The Dartmoor Yarn Company arrives in Exeter

I’m delighted to tell you that The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s kits and yarn are now being stocked by Wool on the Exe in Exeter!


Wool on the Exe’s beautiful, light, airy shop is filled with gorgeous and affordable British yarns and gorgeous hand made gifts and accessories made by local artisans. But Wool on the Exe isn’t just a ordinary shop. Wool on the Exe are a not for profit shop and community fibre arts space designed to provide local people with a place to learn, be creative, make new friends and connect to their community. If you’d like to know more visit their website here. Even better, if you live in or near Exeter, or happen to be visiting the area, drop into the shop at 2 Okehampton Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 1DW – you’ll be sure of a warm welcome.

And if all that wasn’t more than enough, they also have a small café space where you can have a cuppa and a cake from the Exploding bakery.


I’ve shared my excitement in this blog post, because I’m over the moon that Wool on the Exe wanted to add The Dartmoor Yarn Company to their scrummy selection of wonderful British breed yarns and other wonderful products. However, it struck me that I haven’t blogged,  beyond Sunday Sevens, about gaining my previous stockists and that has left me feeling like a bit of a badun. It certainly isn’t because I haven’t been equally excited and appreciative. In truth it’s about my journey over the last two months and my if I’m honest my confidence.

But telling you about that feels like a whole other blog post. I also think all the other retailers who’ve supported and encouraged me since I began this adventure, deserve better mention. So I’ll close here, celebrating my arrival in Exeter and share a little more of the wonderful Dartmoor shops that are stocking and supporting me, and about my  experience of the last two months, next time.

Thanks for reading and all for your fabulous support and encouragement too!

Bekki Hill


22 thoughts on “The Dartmoor Yarn Company arrives in Exeter

  1. This little post is brimming with excitement!!….sometimes, a new project or business idea can be slow, though, you seem to be moving in leaps and bounds ~ YAY!! All bodes well to building your confidences too! Well done Bekki 🙂

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  2. Wow, absolutely awesome. This shop looks amazing, and so inviting. If I was living there, this would be a regular pit-stop for sure.
    Have fun, and I look forward to your future posts about your other stockists as well.

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    1. It is. Not just full of gorgeous British wool and other lovely things, all laid out beautifully, but the light was fantastic and the owners fabulous too. I don’t venture into Exeter often, but my visits might increase now 🙂

      Thank you. The other stockists are all wonderful too, but every shop so different.

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    1. Thank you. I’m really pleased, but there seems to be so much else going on here – i.e. visitors and kids toing and froing, I’m not quite taking it in properly either – just scurrying around trying to do everything. Which probably isn’t such a bad thing as it doesn’t give me time to phaff unnecessarily over decisions such as what colours to dye the yarn.

      The shop is really lovely. It’s right on the bridge roundabout.


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