Sunday Sevens – Sunday 7th August

Time for another Sunday Sevens – linking up with Nat at Thread and Bobbins,.

  1. This week started as last week finished, with the second day of the natural dyeing course…


2. As it was change over day, we also got to take  a peek at one of the yurts at the venue, where people come glamping. Isn’t it gorgeous?

3. The outlaws in laws were still here too on Sunday…


4. On Monday, we were joined by Lovely Littlest and her boyfriend. She’s gone camera shy, but I’m allowed to show you how her knitting’s growing.


5. She also asked me to teach her to  purl, so I suggested she have a go at the beginner mitt pattern from my kit with a ball of wool from my stash.


6. The outlaws left on Tuesday and Littlest and boyfriend on Wednesday. But on Friday, my lovely friend Sandra and her hubby and their dog Zak arrived. Lunch in the garden was followed by a walk down to the castle…


7. On Saturday we went to the beach. These two sheep looked so funny, watching everyone walking down to the beach.


8. We had a lovely time on the beach…

9. And lunch at the beach café…

10. When we got home Mr Hick’s was completely pooped…


11. But Sandra and I found enough energy to harvest a little lavender..


Hope you’ve had a lovely week too

Bekki Hill


18 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Sunday 7th August

  1. What a fab and hectic week, you were definitely well visited !! Your daughter’s knitting has grown immensely,lol Mr. Hicks looks like he had a brilliant day and lots of lovely lavender to round off 🙂

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  2. Wow Bekki, what a lovely social week. Daughters knitting is coming along well! I love the yurts, I think I could handle that sort of camping 😉. We do talk about camping sometime but I’m not so sure that my joints would appreciate a damp chilly tent and as British weather doesn’t come to order I’ve always said no!! Enjoy the rest of your week 😃

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    1. Thanks Sharon. You’re right, British weather does make camping and unpredictable business and sadly more often than not a cold damp experience. Maybe glamping would a good option for you? Do they do family glamping – these were very much grown up glamping yurts. You have a good week too. Hope your new addition isn’t too exhausting xx

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      1. Yes, glamping may be a good option. Not sure about family glazing, I’ll have to look it up! Tilly hasn’t been too much trouble at all, just the occasional accident and mischief but she sleeps a lot too! Josh has done most of the hard work! Xx

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  3. I do love an ordinary tent when it comes to camping, but glamping looks like huge fun. All that luxury! I’m supposed to be making a hoodie specially for camping at the end of the month but haven’t actually started it yet, oops. Glad to see you got some beach time in, too. Those sheep are funny, just watching everyone walk down. Who knew sheep were curious?

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      1. Oh, it’s not bravery – I get butterflies in my stomach when we put the tent in the car! Many happy memories from childhood camping trips mean that even the occasional flood through the tent in the middle of the night hasn’t put me off! A good air bed and a feather duvet for a good night’s sleep are essential though:)

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  4. What a lovely week. I think I need to go camping, but in such luxury, of course.
    Love the knitting, and the yarn matches the nails of Little One. So cute.
    Great walks and places to see, but I see Mr H had a lot of fun and loved the nap afterwards. 🙂
    Your lavender is stunning, such a great bunch.
    Enjoy the coming weekend, we are nearly there. 🙂


    1. Thank you. And you’ve reminded me I need to check how littlest is getting on with the mitt knitting. Sun still out here – maybe we’ll finally have a whole week of dry weather.


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