Sunday Sevens – 14th August

Time for another Sunday Sevens – linking up with Nat at Thread and Bobbins.

  1. On Sunday we took a walk around the river at Okehampton.

20160807_1142022 Our vistors were still with us, so we stopped on route for a cuppa at the café at Okehampton station. The only trains that run are the heritage service that goes a few miles down the track and four trains to and from Exeter, but only on a Sunday in the summer!

3. Back home this fledgling robin hung out with us in the garden.


4. Popped into my lovely LYS, the Woolly Beader, this week to picked up a new Knitpro Karbonz to replace my broken circular sock needle. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.


5. And somewhere in the week, I snapped this beautiful butterfly in my garden…

Tortoiseshell butterfly

6. On the not so happy side, Mr Hicks had come up with yet another urine infection the week before last. On Tuesday this week I was told the new drug that is doing his skin so much good appears to be causing urine infections in a lot of dogs. So on Wednesday I stopped the new drugs. Hoping against hope Hicks doesn’t get as bad as he was just before Christmas, as the only route left now is going back to steroids, which were causing cushings symptoms.


7. But something that did make me happy, was bumping into a lovely friend in the village  taking her two of her dog’s puppies for a visit to her neighbour.


Bekki Hill

37 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 14th August

    1. He certainly does. Unfortunately there is no other drug 😦 Doing my best to manage it and apparently we can try pulsing the one he’s just come off. But first steps first are to make sure he’s clear of urine infections once off antibiotics. No, I forgot about the turmeric. Although I thought that was for arthritis?

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      1. Will give it a go – although I’ve tried a lot over the years that doesn’t work, which had left me quite cynical. I think the bottom line unfortunately is he was over immunised at the rescue when he was a puppy, so he has a duff immune system


  1. Hope you can source an alternative treatment for Mr. Hicks to prevent a flair up again. Such a quaint little station and quite an inquisitive little Robin, I’m sure it’ll be a regular with you when gardening 🙂

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      1. I’m sure it would benefit getting around much more….though, I bet it would also add to the masses of extra visitors ~ swings and round-a bouts ;-)….that could actually be a good thing for your new little business ~ perhaps, you should push the local council and see if it might happen?!

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      2. No chance! There’s no line anywhere near. When the sea wall came down at Dawlish – the only rail route down into Cornwall – there were promises of money to rebuild the railway around our side of the moor, but politicians forget their promises very quickly.

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      3. You’re right it is. it’s not until you live down here, you realise how most of the money stays in London and the home counties or goes ‘pet’ projects. I really get cross about H2S2 too when we don’t even have a railway line. Things like the NHS – our hospitals are often going on black alert – they never did that at all when we live up country. Okay, climbing of my soap box. 🙂

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      4. LOL I think you deserve a turn up on that soap box!! I just hope someone will make a difference, the politicians have so many empty promises, they leave so many ”pies” in the sky, it’s tragic they are allowed to run the country. Hold on to the hope….ONE DAY, a politician will make right all previous promises…..;-)

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      5. To think they all studied to the highest degree to be such diabolical politicians???!!! What a waste;-/ they should have studied a course in lying….at least they would be living up to their achievement honestly;-)

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  2. Poor Mr Hicks, he has my sympathy, I’m on my 2nd lot of meds for a urine infection and know what he must feel like. Otherwise it looks like you’ve had a lovely week. Fingers crossed for Mr Hicks 😀

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    1. Thank you. Sadly we’ve come to the end of the line of meds that don’t cause problems, but I found out we may be able to pulse the one I’ve just taken him off – but we’ll have to see.


  3. Hi, great week, but so sorry to hear about Mr. H. Hoping for the best for him.
    I am not sure if this would help, but we have a product here called Regal (Regal Pet Health) that I use for my dog, as she is getting older as well, and it works wonders.
    All the best and take care.

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  4. Oh no, not again, Mr Hicks! He’s not been lucky, has he? Our House Martins have just fledged – we miss their chirruping. They’d made a nest on top of our en suite window whilst it was open one day and regularly flew in the bedroom by mistake.

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