Neko curved double pointed sock knitting needles – review

I have to admit to being frustrated that I don’t like knitting on those teeny tiny circular sock knitting needles. They always look so much quicker than sliding stitches around to magic loop. I was therefore quiet excited when Neko curved double pointed sock knitting needles were brought to my attention. Maybe I could work with these more quickly?

Neko sock knitting needles 4

Being plastic didn’t please me, but I was assured they were very kind to hands, so I decided to give them a go.

What you get is three curved plastic needles.

Neko sock knitting needles 3

You cast half the stitches onto one needle, half onto the other…

Neko sock knitting needles 2

Then you knit with the third…

Neko curved double pointed needles

On the plus side, they felt a lot more comfortable than knitting with tiny circular sock needles.

On the minus they wobble about as I knit – unbearably so. I certainly don’t have this problem with magic looping and, although it’s a long time since I knitted with DPNS, I’m sure they’re more stable.

I suspect the wobbliness is down to my hands being large and that people who like them can nestle the needle they’re knitting with more firmly inside their hand.

Neko sock knitting needles

If you’re a DPN knitter with tiny hands, I would have thought Neko curved double pointed needles might be a good move, since they only have the stitches spread over two needles. It’s also harder for the stitches to fall off when you’re travelling.

But for me, they just don’t work. So, I’m back to magic loop! Unless Neko want to make a big hand version and send it to me to try out!

Has anyone else tried Neko curved double pointed sock knitting needles? And if you have and like them, how big are your hands?

Bekki Hill

32 thoughts on “Neko curved double pointed sock knitting needles – review

  1. Those needles are so odd looking. I would imagine that I could not handle them. I feel that I am uncoordinated enough on double points and circular. Maybe with practice they will get into the groove with your hands. Very interesting idea thou.

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  2. Thank you for the review..I love knitting gadgets, would have bought them if I’d seen them. But i know now, they are not for me ;o) I once bought square knitting needles, supposed to be excellent for sock knitting…passed them on to my friend…who passed them on again too. Have a great weekend, Johanna

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  3. I’d probably give them a go for sock knitting myself as I’m terrible for losing stitches from dpns. This is probably why I crochet more as I only have 1 stitch to lose! Thanks for the review. 😊

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  4. I have never seen something like this and was intrigued to see how they worked. I already have issues with teeny, tiny needles making my hands cramp up but I have big hands too. Thanks so much for the review so I don’t waste my money on one more useless tool 🙂

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    1. Hope they work for you when you do. I usually have a pair of socks on the go simply as handbag knitting – nice and small and always there in a quiet moment. That way I don’t prioritise them and they seem to knit themselves by magic – well almost 🙂


  5. Whoa – this is some next level knitting! Here I am trying my first pair of circulars and then I see this! To be fair, I’m not using circs to knit socks – that might be strictly DPN territory as far as I’m concerned but that might be because my hands aren’t small….

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    1. I love knitting socks on circulars – I’m just always looking to do it more quickly. Hope you’re enjoying your first experience with a circular. If you’ve got big hands, you’ll probably have the same problem as me with the Nekos, but maybe give magic looping socks with a circular a go when you feel ready?

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      1. There is a post on the way about this very thing – circular needles are a whole other world! I may be faster with DPNs but it might just be a matter of getting accustomed to using these…. I’ll definitely try socks on them when I’m more practiced!

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    1. And I take my hat off you for trying your three little needles. I think there’s usually more than one way to do things in knitting, so why persevere with a method you don’t like? Life’s too short.


  6. Thank you for the review. I think it saved me from spending on these. I have been thinking about getting a set. But I had doubts, as it looked so uncomfortable. I have small hands, with long fingers. I am happy with doing two at a time on magic loop. 🙂

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  7. You know how designers like to come up with “new and improved” items to “make your life easier” (aka make you spend money on stuff you don’t really need)? This looks exactly like one of those occasions. There’s DPNs, there’s circulars, is there a need for weird curved needles as well? Nah 🙂

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, I did think that, but then a friend recommend them as her preferred option, but having tried them I can’t see the difference between using these and DPNS, except that DPNs are better! 🙂


      1. Yep, I also think DPNs are easier! I’m going to The Knitting and Stitching Show in October, it’s the largest fibre event in Europe – let’s see what type of weird new products I spot 😀

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  8. Tried these needles for several years. I have had to replace them several times as the tips snap off after continued use. Also ordered a pair of bamboo that now separate from the bendy support and the wood is too rough for sock yarn. This product works but needs more refinement.

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