Guilty pleasure – Free super bulky yarn

You may have spotted me saying that I don’t really like to knit with super bulky yarn, because I  don’t feel as if I’m really knitting – more lifting the yarn around the needles. However today I have to confess I’ve been enjoying a spot of super bulky knitting.

Last week I came home to find this on my doorstep…


Oh yes, free yarn – from a friend who tells me she’s got to face up to the fact, she’ll never get round to using it. I did try to persuade her otherwise, but my persuasive powers are not strong when I’m attempting to talk myself out of free yarn.

Inside the bag was an odd skein of DK and just under 2kg of Artesano Super bulky alpaca/wool yarn in four beautiful colours.

Very very soft and bouncy and totally yummy!

I instantly wanted to knit it.

Despite having a heap of more important things to do, I spent hours some time on Ravelry toying with the idea of knitting multi coloured poncho. But I just knew I wouldn’t wear it.

As my more important tasks nagged, I remembered I need to knit some more samples for my cable workshop I’m running in October.

FANTASTIC! An excuse I could now totally justify  starting a project with the beautiful russet – it’s prettier than the photo below shows.


It’s still feeling like a guilty pleasure and I’m try to ration myself and get on with my other projects, which need to be completed ahead of it. But I’m loving those stolen moments with my super bulky. Not just the lovely thick soft yarn, but how quickly it grows.

Do you have a crafty guilty pleasure?

Bekki Hill

14 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure – Free super bulky yarn

  1. Your neighbour is awesome. How pretty are those yarns?! I love them, they really look soft. I do knit with bulky, at times, specially when making wintery things.
    Lovely cable samples. 🙂
    I think my guilty pleasure is in the buying of all the goodies. 🙂

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    1. I guess that guilty pleasure leads to a big stash 🙂 My friend is lovely – mind, so many of the girls in the village are – she’s the friend who also modelled Char’s sweater while back for me. I’m so lucky to have so many fab people around me 🙂

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  2. Those colours look lovely!I don’t mind working with super bulky yarn, it’s the size of the needles (or hook if I’m crocheting) I generally wouldn’t go above a 5mm but most of my work is done on 3mm (and I’m going through a sock knitting phase at the moment so even smaller!) the bigger needles just feel a bit wrong!


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