Hatastrophie – who you gonna call?

Lovely Husband answered the phone a few evenings ago to a very distraught Lovely Littlest. It turned out she’d left her knitting on the coffee table only to return to find it on the floor with half the stitches fallen off the needle. She’d shoved them back on, but knew some had been dropped.

‘Of course Mum can sort it out over the phone,’ Lovely Husband reassured her.

‘I don’t know how to pick the stitches up,’ she wailed, as I took the phone. ‘I’ve knitted six or seven inches, I don’t want to have to pull all that back!’

I’ve taught knitting in various less than ideal settings – in cafes, on trains etc – but never over the phone. But this was my baby and she was in distress. I had to do something to save the her from her hatastrophie.

Since the intensity of her distress was prosecco induced, I advised her to put her knitting somewhere safe until the next day, when of course I could help her sort it out over the phone.

Next day I asked her to send me some photos. To my relief it didn’t look too bad.


Once on the phone, I closed my eyes and visualised what was happening as I explained how to tink her way back across the row,  picking up the dropped stitches as she went. It took a while, but together we saved it with only one row tinked back.

The next day, I received this pic…


This is Lovely Littlest’s first finished object – if you read my Sunday Sevens, you may recall her first knitting project was a scarf, but she hasn’t finished that yet. As any true knitter should, she has several projects on the go – even though she’s only just started.

So very proud of my girl, for both finishing her first knitting project and for saving herself from a hatastrophie 🙂

I also can’t resist pointing out that while I was sorting picture out for this post, I noticed how much Lovely Littlest and Hicks look like each other in these pictures 🙂



23 thoughts on “Hatastrophie – who you gonna call?

  1. Well done to both of you. I am absolute pants at sorting out problems without them being in front of my eyes. My Dad, bless ‘I’m, always used to phone me up with computer problems and I would try to talk him through them but it didn’t help that he was going deaf and refused to wear a hearing aid so everything had to be done in a shouty voice and he typed really slowly so when I asked him to enter some details he would call out the letters of each word as he searched for and found them on the keyboard. I still miss him though.
    Love the lookalikey photos. I’m not sure who’s the better looking 😉

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  2. Look at her face – how proud is she!! Rightly so, too, as should you be – I know I couldn’t have done that over the phone. It looks great for only her second attempt at knitting; it’s wearable for a start and my first few definitely weren’t.

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  3. I love this post! 🙂 I am just teaching myself to knit via U Tube and thought I was a bad person because I have 2 blankets on the go, have a kitted up hat and bunny ready to start and have just bought the wool for my first ever jersey 😮 Its good to know that its normal to have way too many fabulous wooly projects on the go. BTW Lovely Littlest has made a gorgeous hat, its the same colour as I have picked for my yoga sweater 😀


  4. A very proud mum you should be!!! First of all for having a lovely littlest, secondly for saving the day and thirdly for being such a proficient, error solving (at a great distance…!) knitter LOL What a great first finished knitted hat too 🙂


  5. Haha, that made me smile. She is adorable, and I can almost hear the voice on the other end of the phone. So much like mine. Call Mum, she will think of something.
    Cute pics of her and Mr H. 🙂
    She did a great job with the knitting, she has the talent, obviously.
    Have a great weekend.


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