Rip it out and start again!

I posted a couple of weeks ago about my lucky windfall of super bulky wool and that I was knitting a scarf with it. I’ve been loving knitting it. I’ve been loving the way the cable pattern is working out. I’m been loving the  softness. But unfortunately now it’s long enough to rougly try on, it’s just too super bulky.


The scarf is already only 36 stitches wide, so I can’t reduce the number of stitches and start again. Not being a natural super bulky knitter, I’m wondering now what to knit with it. I do have an idea, but do you have any suggestions? I’ve got just about a kilogram of yarn. What would you knit with it?

Bekki Hill









I’ve underestimated the bulkiness  of super bulky.

I didn’t swatch first, because at 36 stitches wide and with it being a scarf, the scarf itself might as well be the swatch. Unfortunately my long thin swag

19 thoughts on “Rip it out and start again!

    1. Thanks for all those ideas. Cowl does appeal – as I said to Michele, that wouldn’t mean I have to rip it right back either. I not sure super bulky hat would be interesting enough for me, but I have been thinking bag on the accessory front. Not so much cushions etc – but maybe 🙂 Thanks again 🙂


  1. A cowl would be good if you can stand all that super bulk around your neck – I couldn’t – or what about a cushion cover. Somebody sent me a really nice cable pattern in last year’s Secret Santa that Sewchet organises but I haven’t got round to making it yet.
    Now I’ve got that Orange Juice song in my head – although they ripped it up, not out. 😉

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    1. Opps! Orange juice were bugging me too – sorry I infected you with it too. As I said below, I do like the cowl idea – bt how much is that because I wouldn’t have to rip it. I’m not sure I need another cowl – but I could do the bulk around my neck when the wind in howling on the moor. Cushion is a good idea too. Thanks for the thoughts 🙂


  2. Such pretty yarn, but maybe a bit too bulky for wear. Try something “useful” for the house, like a pillow cover or hot water bottle covers, if you use those. House socks for the chilly days?
    Have fun, I am sure you will come up with something! 🙂

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  3. I haven’t blogged about it yet (because, although finished, it still hasn’t been sewn together) but I made a super chunky jumper on 25mm needles earlier in the year. It’s lovely and something that I can envisage just chucking on as a slouchy type of jumper, rather than a going out in public type, if you know what I mean?

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    1. I know what you mean, as I knitted a super bulky jumper for me a few years ago and it makes me look super bulky. Not sure I have enough yarn for one anyway. Look forward to seeing yours, which I’m sure will look fab and be suitable for being seen outside the house in 🙂

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