Baby Cardigan Ta Da!

Not much to say here really. I’ve sewn all those ends in


Knitted the button/button hole bands and collar…


Sewn it up,  blocked it… and… TA DA!!!


So pleased with it – the increasing width of the sleeves is an optical illusion in the photo – I didn’t want to give it away. But age 3-6 months is never going to fit me 🙂 So I did.

Bekki Hill

29 thoughts on “Baby Cardigan Ta Da!

  1. Gorgeous! I wouldn’t have wanted to give it away either and might have been tempted to put it on a big old vintage, one-eared teddy bear that sits in my workroom.
    I know this is more complicated than most baby knits – is it your own design? – but, even so, if I ever knit for babies, I’m always surprised that they are never as quick as you think they’re going to be and the sewing up seems just as bad (just like having a baby, come to think of it :/ )

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    1. Ha ha! Yes, just like giving birth. Although I seem to remember giving birth being a wee bit more painful 😉 No, it’s not my design – link should be in the post I wrote about sewing in ends.
      I have no vintage teddies, but I could always buy one and ask for the cardi back when baby has grown out of it 😉

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      1. That’s the thought that puts me off doing more fair isle style knitting! Sometimes I alter patterns to get rid of odd number of rows in the middle, that way loose ends are wanted again on the same edge of the knitting and can be carried up the side. Basically I’m just a lazy knitter!

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