Sunday Sevens on a Thursday

Opps! I’ve been so busy since I got back last Sunday, I wrote this then never got round to posting it. Things a bit mad here still, but will catch up with everyone else’s blogs and comments I’ve missed very soon. So, as usual joining in with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins– although, as usual too, I haven’t stuck to seven photos.

Still on holiday from work, but back at home last Sunday, we took Mr Hicks on the walk that goes past Okehampton station so we could stop for brunch.


Sunday afternoon I went for my first bike ride in ages to work it off…


As the rest of the country basked in temperatures of 30 odd degrees on Monday, we had a more typical Dartmoor  day…


Tuesday was warm and sunny, but with frequent downpours. However on Wednesday we joined the heatwave and, having done our chores on Monday/Tuesday, had a trip to  Plymouth harbour and the hoe…

I also had the nice surprise of the arrival of a late birthday present…


And another little surprise when we opened the patio umbrella –  a bat had crept inside for a snooze…


Thursday we headed North to meet our beautiful new great niece…

img_2280We slept over at the outlaws, who took us out to lunch on Friday, where we met this wonderful chap guarding the restaurant…


Friday afternoon we headed to the peak district to spend the weekend with our friends at their cottage . Lovely littlest, who joined us on Saturday morning and we were having so much fun, I forgot to take many pics. But here’s everyone stopping for a quick dance on the Monsal trail – Hicks was with us, but had gone into hiding with embarrassment.


If you’re wondering what they’re dancing to, it’s Whip It by Devo. What the heck was all this about?

Hope you had a great week last week and this one is treating you well too.

Bekki Hill

23 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens on a Thursday

  1. Lord knows what it’s all about but I’m glad to see that Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men have found new employment. (she says, showing her age ;))
    Anyway, I want – no NEED – that dog statue.

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  2. Gosh that sounds like a fun week! What a sweet little baby. And how neat about the bat. It reminds me of grade 6. One day, on morning announcements, they said a little bat had decided to take a day-time snooze by our back entrance. They educated us a bit about bats during that morning announcemnt. Then, throughout recess that day, the teachers took turns keeping watch. Thinking back, how cool is it that they took it as a teaching opportunity. I guess that evening it woke up and flew away, hopefully to a better resting spot. Xoxo

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  3. It’d have to be one hell of a bike ride to work that lot off!! Congratulations on achieving great-aunt status. Love the enormous dog statue; would need a stately home to carry it off. No.1 Son went to Uni at Plymouth so we saw quite a bit of it. The Hoe is really quite nice, isn’t it?

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