Sunday Sevens – 25th September

Back to work this week and I’ve barely looked up from my lap top, so this week’s Sunday Seven’s  is rather domestic. Will do my best to be more interesting next week.

  1. Saw this at the garden centre and loved it, although dubious if we had one it would ever be put to use in England.

2.  This cast iron frying pan fell off the freezer while I was rummaging – not realising what it was I tried to catch it and it hit my thumb. Despite putting ice on it, the bruise stopped me knitting for two days 😦 I would have photographed the bruise, but have you ever tried to photo your hand with your non-dominant hand?


3. The weather has been beautifully sunny, but it’s definitely feeling autumnal, so the log burner has been pressed back into service after having the summer off.


4. Finally getting back to the routine of doing pilates once a week. This is the video – yes, video – I use. I’ve had it since 2000.


5. I’ve also been cycling in the office. Am reading this as I pedal. I loved the first two chapters, chapter three was ok, but very disappointed with the story and the writing after that -although still 30% to go.


6. Of course, however long I spend on  my laptop there’s always time to got out with Mr Hicks.


7. There’s also always time to enjoy a the scenery while we’re walking. This is one of my favourite views – of the river Okement at Fatherford Bridge. Unfortunately the pic doesn’t do it justice 😦


Bekki Hill

Sunday Sevens is the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins.


26 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 25th September

    1. Thank you. Knitting back in full swing now – fortunately with my knitting style I use my left thumb more than my right. If it helps log burners do make an awful mess. Mind, so does Mr Hicks, so why have one without the other? 🙂

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      1. Exactly! One day we will have one. :)Looking forward to november as we are on hols in Scotland in a cottage with a wood burner. Bliss…and shouldn’t get to messy in a week!

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  1. We had our wood delivered last Friday and Mr. T. then stacked it all up against the front of the house in 28 degrees. Still, another month or two and we’ll be glad of it. Apart from a couple of radiators at the extremities of the house, it’s our only heating so we use a lot!
    Sometimes our instinct can be a dangerous thing. I’ve tried to catch a falling knife before now – not realising what it was – but luckily managed to escape with all fingers intact.

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    1. EEK! Catching a falling knife certainly doesn’t sound like a great idea. Glad you escaped with all your fingers. In my head, I thought it was something glass – heaven knows why, there’s nothing glass up there. Good to hear you’ve got your wood in for the winter. Is it cheaper to buy ahead? We’ve had so many diseased trees, we’ve stacks and stacks of our own.


  2. I warned you about that book! Be interested to know what you make of it. Sorry about your injury. Lovely to see Mr Hicks back in action,in his usual place in water. I wonder if he was a duck in a previous life.

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    1. Ha ha! From the amount of mud he gathers, I think it was more likely a hippo.

      Yes, I know you warned me and I keep thinking of you as I read it. But it is on our book group list, so I really should read it. Very disappoint a writer of his calibre has written so poorly. Think he must have a different editor now for it to be so bad – all that repetition of Axl saying ‘Princess’ at the end of every sentence is driving me insane and he ruins the tension before he’s even built it and half the time I think the plot belongs in a children’s book … I could on, but I won’t. 🙂

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  3. Looks like a productive, and rather cozy week. Good to see mr.Hicks enjoying a swim. Too bad about the thumb! Hope it heals up quickly. At first glance, the woman on your video looks like Meryl Streep! Have a great week, Bekki! Xoxo (Technical problems over at my blog… Arg… I’ll be glad when it’s all sorted out.)

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  4. I’ve seen those outdoorsy sofas and agree that they look amazing, but we just wouldn’t get the use out of them I don’t think. I did that catching trick with my hair straighteners and had blisters for a week rendering my hand useless for the duration! I put my boots on for the first time since April but we haven’t needed the fire as yet. When the clocks go back is our aim but that’s four long weeks away…..

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    1. Ouch! Hair straighteners must have really hurt. Poor you. Good luck with holding off on the fire – it’s freezing here today. Mind, I haven’t reached boots yet – unless you count walking boots 🙂


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