Sunday Seven’s – 2nd October

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nat at Thread and Bobbins.

Sadly, at least for me, amount of busyness tends to be inversely proportional to number of photos taken. However, I did – just – manage seven this week.  So here goes….

1.  I was fascinated last Sunday to see the difference in colour between the new growth and the previous years growth on the fir trees. Not sure if it was the sunlight, but I’ve never seen the difference show so clearly before…


2 + 3. Weather wise it’s been rather drab and very localised. On Thursday it was foggy at home, but when Hicks and I went for a walk near Okehampton, we found summer…


Sorry,  a bit blurred, but I’m sure you get the idea – and, as I said, I only have seven photos!

4. Most of this week’s business was preparing for the 3 Bags Full Wool Market at Liskeard.


5. Not only was I almost out of stock, I was making up some news Christmas kits too. So pattern writing and checking meant my waste paper basket was rather overwhelmed…


6.  Fortunately I got them finished in time for my stall on Friday…


7. Time for a rest on Saturday and a nice walk in Lydford Forest with Mr Hicks and lovely husband. The view point seems to be getting a bit overgrown, but if you’ve good eyes you’ll see Brentor church on the hill the distance.


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki Hill

33 thoughts on “Sunday Seven’s – 2nd October

    1. Yes, busy is good, but you should see the dust mounting up at home 😦 And yes, Mr Hicks is good at getting me out, but he’s so slow these days, I’m struggling with my weight as he used to be my exercise and I never had to worry about what I ate 😦

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  1. Your stall looks lovely – is that a mock up at home or one at the actual event? I thought the 3 Bags Full gig was an ongoing one, starting day – or were you somewhere different. I’m getting confused

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  2. Awesome week, and I love your stall. Perfect. 🙂
    Beautiful walks, as always. I adore the countryside photos, thank you for always sharing.
    Hugs to Mr. H. Glad to see him out and about and cheerful.
    Take care. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Glad you like the angels. the pattern is part of one of the Christmas kits. Maybe I should release it as a special issue pattern too – but in a way that doesn’t clash with kits. Mmm, that’s confused me.

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      1. Am thinking maybe Ravelry. Definitely not free or would be unfair selling in kit, if people can get free elsewhere. Don’t know how the payments work, which is one thing that’s stopping me. Need to have a day of seriously sorting out website and looking at putting up some patterns on Ravelry. Something always gets in the way. Mind this week it’s been partly finding two lovely new stockists, so not procrastinating. Also seems a bit odd to me selling as a pattern and as a kit? Is it?


      2. I hope you do get the time to sort out how, I am interested in it! but maybe I should just get the kit? Do you sell those online a well as in local shops? (Glad to hear two new stockists!)

        I think you can sell the pattern separately from the kit, I think shops do that a lot. I saw crofthoos hat kits when I was at Fiber Frolic this year – thousands of miles from Ella Gordon – I think the shop put together yarns with her pattern to sell some of each. It should be able to work the other way around.

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      3. I’m working on online sales and need to get them up asap. As you’re so many miles away though it would seem rather silly to sell you kit. However, thinking about it I’m sure I could work out how to sell you a pattern without a kit, but not have it generally available if I decide not to. Will let you know when I have it up and running – fingers crossed for this coming week.

        And thank you. Delighted you’re so keen to knit them 🙂

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      4. Well, that’s an idea, too! I do hope someday you get the kits online – I know there is a lot to it with global shipping, and gearing up to meet demand, but I think that is in your future!

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