FO – Baby Bunny Beanie


I received this little card this morning from my new great niece – boy, she’s leaned to write quickly – thanking me for the fair isle cardigan and the hat I sent her. Which reminded me, I never shared the Baby Bunny Beanie I knitted for her. So a quick FO to show you….


This was fun to knit and quick – think I can feel some more fun baby hat projects coming on. Any suggestions of patterns? Or any other favourite baby pattern links you wouldn’t mind sharing? I have a new great nephew turning up soon too.

Bekki Hill

29 thoughts on “FO – Baby Bunny Beanie

      1. LOL! The way you have captured your little sheep against the backdrop is great ~ I think now, there is a whole herd of like-looking sheep roaming Dartmoor πŸ˜‰ How wonderful would that be??!!!

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      2. The picture is from my packaging – I took him and the teapot wearing it’s sweater out for a photo shoot one day. Did get a few strange looks when I shot the teapot on the steeping stones across the river. As for the herd of looky-likies – lots of tourists are buying the kits – see my plan is total world domination, not just Dartmoor πŸ˜‰

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  1. I have crocheted some gorgeous hats from Repeat Crafter Me, especially her owl hat, and a turtle one. I have just been asked to knit a mermaid tail for Little Miss F. There are some lovely patterns for baby versions out there. I love your rabbit hat so very cute

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  2. Such a sweet little hat, perfect for a newborn. I’ve made a couple of “Entrechat” cardigans for our one year old granddaughter (soon to be blogged about). They’re really different and the pattern is on Ravelry.

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