The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s First Steps Out of Devon

I’m delighted to tell you that you can now buy The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s kits and wool outside Devon! Last week The DYC gained not one, but two, new retailers selling our kits and yarn. I’m so excited you can you probably see me jumping up and down from where you are.

Since I sent stock out to both shops on the same day , I tossed a coin over who to tell you about first – as I only have five minutes to post before I run out the door. I know, stop jumping up and down and I’d have more time.

The first lovely shop selling our yarn and kits is Yarn O’clock – what a fabulous name – in Mold in North Wales – so we’ve not just arrived in another county another country!



Sadly I haven’t been able to visit – to far away – but Yarn O’clock stock a large percentage of British and British made yarn and  knitting related goodies. They also stock great brands like KnitPro and Clover. And, like all good yarn shops, they run workshops too.


Mold itself looks like a great place to visit with lots of other interesting cafes and shops, including VOD, the UK’s smallest record shop.  So if you’re close enough and haven’t been, it sounds well worth a trip.

The owner of O’Yarn O’clock was absolutely lovely to deal with too, so I’m sure you’re assured of a warm welcome and fantastic service.

A BIG THANK YOU! to Yarn O’clock for taking on our kits and yarn. And thank you, as always, to you guys for your support and encouragement in all my woolly adventures with The DYC.

Bekki Hill

23 thoughts on “The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s First Steps Out of Devon

  1. Oh My Word…World domination it is then 😉 Conquering a country at a time!! Well done you, and deservedly so! ~ just think of the aerobic workout from all that jumping up and down too ~ bonus to boot!!

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