The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s other lovely new stockist

On Wednesday I told you about the DYC’s lovely new stockist in Wales. Today I want to tell you about my other lovely new stockist, Loopy!

Loopy can be found in Ulverston in the beautiful Lake District. They are on Market Street in the heart of the town, so nice and easy to find in one of England’s most beautiful areas to visit.


This small, independent wool shop has a selection of the best British and international wools available as well as knitting kits and other knitting goodies.

Owner Andrea is also apparently  a bit of an expert creative yarn bomber. I found her absolutely lovely to deal – yes, I know I often say that, but only when it’s true – so I’m sure you’ll get a warm welcome, good service and lots of expert knowledge to draw from if you visit.


A BIG THANK YOU! to Andrea and Loopy for taking on our knitting kits. And, yet again, thank you to you guys for your support and encouragement in all my woolly adventures with The DYC.

Bekki Hill

20 thoughts on “The Dartmoor Yarn Company’s other lovely new stockist

    1. Ow! Lovely!:-) So glad you like them so much. I’m currently putting up a sales site. You wouldn’t believe how much work it is – mind the rest of life fills up a l;ot of time too. As they’re for Christmas, are you happy to wait or do they need to be posted early somewhere? It’ll probably be the beginning of the week after next I get sales live. Otherwise you could pay me into my account by transfer. What would suit you best? x


      1. It will be a relief when I get it up. Getting there, but yet to even work out what to do with Paypal – which I’m sure will scramble my tiny mind. Am sure I’ll be shouting about it when I do. Thanks again for liking them so much x

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      1. Every faith Bekki!! You know the saddest thing, though I love your knitted sheep immensely, my mum knitted me a bright orange hat when I was about 5, and, it had knitted hoops all over, OMG I can’t tell you how much I hated having to wear it to school every day!! If she had knitted me a beautiful sheep hat with knitted hoops, I would be still wearing it today ;-)I simply adore your sheep kit pattern

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      2. I’d love to think that my mum had me in the height of fashion in the early 70’s…alas, I never once saw anyone else in one of these contraptions…
        In white it looks quite innocent, maybe even acceptable, gawd only knows where she sourced that awful colour for my hat, the only thought I can come up with was she used it to locate me in the ‘pea soup fog’ mornings we used to have LOL

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