Needle Felting Workshop

For quite some time now, I’ve been in awe of the gorgeous work I see on Leonor’s blog felt buddies. So last Wednesday afternoon I treated myself to needle felting workshop. The  workshop was part of the 3 Bags Full Woolly Workshop programme and run by tutor Lorraine England.


My only previous experience of felting wool was when I accidently chucked my favourite woollen sweater in the washing machine on a hot wash programme. However, despite  my lack of felting experience, Lorraine very quickly taught me to make a small heart for a brooch without ruining any sweaters or using a washing machine.


I then learned how to add embellishments…


Ok, it isn’t finished and it still sits unfinished, but it will be.

There was a lot of stabbing up and down with a needle involved, which I found rather… I would say relaxing, but it wasn’t quite relaxing – more therapeutic. Goodness knows who I was subconsciously stabbing 😉

Once I had the hang of it, I left the heart with the flower on it for later and started to work on a whole flower broach. Doing this taught me about moulding the felt into a shape, rather than just felting it flat.

I also learned to make a ball – which will be the centre of my flower, when I’ve finished it.

This is the same colour as the petal – honest!


Like any ‘simple’ to learn craft, getting started may have been easy, but there are heaps of nuances and techniques to learn. Not to mention different wools behave differently when being felted. I can see needle felting would be a very interesting and absorbing hobby to take up, but it does require a lot of repetitive wrist movements, so not something for everyone, or something to work at without sensible breaks.

Lorraine had some beautiful work that she had done on display – which I forgot to take a photo of 😦 As a tutor, Lorraine was encouraging, supportive and helpful and I would definitely recommend her if you’re local. She has definitely inspired me to do some experimenting with needle felting on my own in the not too distant future.

Have you ever needle felted? If so what did you make?

Bekki Hill

17 thoughts on “Needle Felting Workshop

  1. I think I told you before that I’ve tried it and don’t think it’s for me but there are some amazing artists out there and I am often astounded when I see what can be done with all that stabbing.

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  2. I hope you manage to finish your little piece, it does sound like a lot of work, but should be well worth the effort. My daughter has laden me with about half a ton of wool segments (from the insulating wraps around their boxed food deliveries) If I ever get time I should try out using some for needle felting….that’s it I’m not suffocated by the amount beforehand LOL

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  3. I actually asked for a small kit last Christmas but I still haven’t gotten around to it yet as I’ve had so much stuff to do. Actually, now that you’ve reminded me, that might make a good Christmas present for a friend I was struggling to think of a present for…. As if I don’t have enough to make before then!


      1. I seee…..😀. I still have some unloved, vintage Yorkshire yarn looking for a new home. Can I send it to you? I don’t want anything for it but would just like it to be somewhere where it’s appreciated. It may feel like a refugee amongst all your Dartmoor yarn! 😀

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      2. Yes, sorry, we discussed it didn’t we and I said yes please, but then I was expecting you psychically know my address. I’ll let you know through your contact form. So, yes please. I’ll contact you now. I’m sure my Dartmoor yarn will make it very welcome, not to mention there may be a wee bit more in my stash that’s come from elsewhere. Thank you 🙂

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