Sunday Sevens – 23rd October

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

It’s been one of those weeks when everything I’ve touched seems to have gone wrong. Fortunately nothing life threating, but a few emotional challenges along with practical ones. And I have to admit to being responsible for my own downfall in some of them – like on Tuesday when I managed to leave my lights on while I walked Hicks and came back to a flat battery.


But I’m not going to go on about the negative.  Instead, I’ll just add that that as each challenge unfolded this week, I found myself unconditionally supported and encouraged  by the people around me. So I’d like to say a big thank you to my family members, neighbours and friends – old and new – for being so wonderful  🙂

Sadly Mr Hicks hasn’t had it so easy this week either. He had a hotspot come up on his elbow and has been spending most of the day and the night in his buster collar…


However, we’ve been having some wonderful walks in the most fabulous autumn weather.


Walking on the moor has been a real treat…


Even if it is a wee bit chilly and windy…


And when you turn and look the other way, the skies are so clear, you can see miles into Cornwall…


My final picture comes along with a confession. Every year I buy two for one tubs of chocolates ready for Christmas, and every year, without fail, we break into them well before Christmas.  I think this year must be the earliest we’ve ever done it…



I’d also like to add finally that our internet signal has be abysmal most of this week and attempting to sort out my sales website has been impossible. So apologies to everyone waiting for internet sales to appear. They will in the not too distant future, I promise.

Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki Hill

24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 23rd October

  1. I feel your pain with the buster collar but I must know how you have come by a deluxe padded version. My poor boy has been spending his nights with sharp plastic edges when he could have had a soft squishy one – hopefully won’t be needing it after Tuesday though 🙂
    When my Mum comes over at Christmas she usually brings a big tin of Roses – can’t get them here, only Quality Street which has too many toffees for my liking plus very expensive for a tiny tin – however, she might not be coming over for the festivities this year so I’ll have to employ another mule. I like the trendy new wrappings on the chocs btw.
    Hope next week will be a more positive one for you (and Mr. Hicks). x x

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    1. I feel you pain about the plastic collar. Poor HRH had to be left in a horrid plastic collar every time he was alone for about the first four years of his life, because he used to tear his fur out with his allergies if left alone. Then a friend showed me the inflatable one. It’s called a ‘comfy collar’ or it was – no idea where I got if rom beyond telling you it was the internet. As I say, we got it when he was about four. It doesn’t keep him away from every part of his body, but most of it. Although he has been able to be left without it for several years now. I’d definitely recommend it. Your doorframes will be happier too. Keeping my fingers crossed for your boy today let me know how it goes. I’m not keen on those wrappings. Although I suspect cheaper for Cadbury’s to wrap then that way.


  2. Poor Mr. Hick and You too!! Those skies are amazing and the views spectacular, so often we are used to low grey weather, we forget the beauty beyond ;-( Some times things seem to spiral down and least you had the chocs already in to open..that has to be a silver lining, well at least a little uplifting 🙂 Hope all your planets line up again next week and it’s a good one to make up!

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  3. Ha I can never buy tins of chocolate at all. They would never last! If we buy chocolate Wil has to hide it…somewhere very high. Poor Hicks, he does have his problems. What a trooper he is! love your scarf. 🙂

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  4. Sometimes life is just like that. My friend Claire tells me to view these occasions as opportunities! Sometimes I went off her as a friend!! Good luck with your website and hugs to you and Mr Hicks!

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    1. Thank you. I always ask ‘What can I learn from this?’ and ‘How am I responsible for this occurring?’ and ‘What can I do differently in future as a result of what I’ve learned? ‘So yes, Claire is right, opportunities. You might want to poke me in the eye at times 😉


  5. What a crazy week. I am glad to see all went well in the end. Support from family and friends makes it so much easier. Never nice when the car battery goes, its more of an inconvenience than anything.
    Hope Mr. H is better again soon. They sure dont like the collars much.
    Great to see the weather is still pretty nice, and the skies are just so very clear and beautiful. Enjoy while you can.
    Have a great week. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. Fortunately with the car I was with a friend whose partner owns a small garage, so she ran off and got the power pack thing and we sorted it out on our own then got very over-excited that we’d done it without any male help!

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      1. Well done. Girls rock, don’t we! 🙂 You two were great and did a fine job.

        I have jumper cables, and just need a friend or neighbor to bring a car around as well. It is such a help to have them in the car.

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  6. Ha ha! We do the same with Christmas pud and end up having to buy another one as its one thing I don’t make myself. Poor Hicks, he doesn’t look happy. How long did you have to stand about in the cold for before being rescued? Knowing me, I wouldn’t have my phone with me to make a rescue plea. Autumn has been glorious thus far, hasn’t it? Except for yesterday – yuk.

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    1. We’re the opposite with Christmas pud – I still have last years in the pantry! Fortunately I was with a friend whose partner has a small garage, so she shot off to get the battery booster thing in her car. She was only gone 15/20 mins – so not too bad, just wish I’d had my knitting with me.
      As for phones, HRH was always so good at disappearing when he was younger, I never go on a dog walk without my phone. Oh yes, the weather has been lovely apart from yesterday. Hope you have the good stuff today too.

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  7. Poor Mr. Hicks. I hope he feels better,soon. He seems like such a sport about things. 💚 It sounds like we’ve both had some challenges to face lately! Well, I think you’ve got the right attitude, and how lucky we are to have supportive friends and family. It makes all the difference. 🙂 You take good care, Bekki. Xo

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