Sunday Sevens – October 30th

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Unfortunately this week started in the same vein as last week when on Sunday my printer began playing up and my laptop keyboard stopped working! Fortunately the USB keyboard works – so it’s a pain having to only use it at my desk, but at least I don’t have to fork out for a new laptop.


That I can take with a shrug, but Mr Hicks’ hot spot wasn’t getting better, despite all the attention I was giving it, so he ended up on antibiotics.


But worse than that, the large red lump that came up on his thigh last week – which I was hoping was a bite – had faded to pink and was looking distinctly like a mast cell tumour. As I examined the area more closely I found a much larger lump tucked down beneath the surface – about two inches wide and three long! A third lump on the surface, the size of the first, also appeared this Thursday. Samples have been taken, so fingers crossed for good results.

Mr Hicks helping out on reception at the vets


On the plus side, Hicks himself is very perky; enjoying his walks, protecting the garden from a new cat that’s appeared, and taking the opportunity when it rained on Monday to make the most of the puddles.


The rest of the week has been mostly dry. The colours of autumn have really burst into life and the leaves have fallen in abundance.


Not as bright as last week, but still plenty of hazy sunshine and much milder.


We’ve had some really lovely walks…


And a bit of paddling…


Other than hanging out with my boy, I’ve spent most of the week working on my  sales website – Do NOT believe these sites that say you can have sales up in 15 minutes. Amongst other things I’ve been writing also sorts of descriptions and taking heaps of photos.


I did take a break to attend the Berger de France talk at The Woolly Beader on Wednesday. I’m not a fan of their yarn, but I do like their patterns.


And finally did anyone else get cross with the BBC this week? I decided to be a good wife and didn’t force Lovely Husband to watch the final of Bake Off, thinking I’d watch it when he was out. However the BBC insisted on putting the result on the News for the next 24 hours, without the decency to say leave the room if you don’t want to know, like they would with the football. Fortunately lovely husband did a great job off switching over very quickly on the ten o’clock news, the breakfast news and the six o’clock news the next evening.


Hope you’ve had a good one.

Bekki Hill

34 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – October 30th

  1. Good to see Mr. Hicks enjoying paddles in the puddles, hope the results on the tests aren’t too serious. Some lovely days very autumnal 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the final Bake off eventually..good for your hubby for being so quick to switch over every time though 😉

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  2. Poor Mr Hicks – the vet surgery must be his second home by now. The days are definitely not as bright now, but the trees are beginning to look glorious. Hope you get your lap top sorted soon and, BOY, do I know what you mean about designing a new website!

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    1. Thank you. Sadly the vets has been Hicks second home for most of his life 😦 Laptop gave up the ghost this morning. A really bad week as not only trying to get website up but also stuff written up and printed for stitch fest. Ordered an new one this afternoon. Ooow! You have a new website in the offing? Intriguing. Look forward to the reveal 🙂

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      1. Hicks has not been lucky, has he? Ouch indeed – laptops are an expensive necessity nowadays. No new website for me, but have had much experience with The Stitch Academy and Sheila Harvey Photography websites to know how long it takes to set up.

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      2. He certainly hasn’t but he keeps on smiling – a real example to us all. Ah! Did wonder about websites. Hopefully my website will make it up early in the week after this – this week is now totally out of the question with the laptop breaking. Yep an expensive necessity. We’re so lucky we can just buy a new one. Amazing how quickly we have become dependant on technology.

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  3. So many folk having on-going computer woes – perhaps it’s a global virus 🙂 Sending best wishes for a happy outcome for Mr Hicks, we so worry about our boys don’t we! I was happy to hear he is on top of things though with marauding cats ……….

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    1. No heard of anyone else having computer problems. Mine completely gave up after I posted this so no choice but to order new one. Hopefully that will behave. Thanks for the good wishes for Hicks. Am feeling very positive as he is so well in himself 🙂

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  4. All paws and fingers crossed here for a good result for your boy – Stan’s analysis came back as only an abcess so hopefully you will also have good news
    I have to watch U.K. T.V. on catch up all the time now so I have to studiously avoid all news items on the radio, t.v. and the internet in case of spoilers so I feel your pain.

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    1. So good to hear Stan has nothing more sinister going on 🙂 I don’t know why they have to make news items of TV programms. There’s so much more important things going on in the world. Thanks for you’re good wishes xx


    1. Thank you. He sure does still know how to have a party. Been a complicate answer from his results this week – will post when I’ve recovered from Stitch Fest South West – which I’ve only just got back from xx


    1. Good old Mr E – I should have planned my birthday better 🙂 Thank you. Can’t believe a week has passed before I’ve got to this comment, so will post on recent happenings with HRH and computer once I’ve recovered from Stitch Fest South West xx


    1. Thank. Indeed, poor Mr Hicks definitely drew the short straw when it came to health. Will tell you all about result when I post this weeks Sunday sevens, which will probably be on Tuesday! 🙂 Hope all is good with you and the little postcards xx

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  5. Keeping my fingers crossed for Mr H. It is never nice when they are not well. At least he is still out and about and loving the puddles. Great pictures of the leaves, I am loving it so much.
    Enjoy the week and all your yarny goodness. Take care. xx

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      1. Thanks. Had a great week. Way to hot though. The weekend saw a bit of cooler weather, but it is definitely summer here now.
        Take care and enjoy the new week, and all the best with catching up, I know you will do it!

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      2. Great to hear you’ve had a good week. Tried to write my (belated) Sunday Sevens last night, but internet connection too temperamental. Will write tonight – too much to catch up on in the day – although mostly lovely people to contact from Stitch Fest at the weekend. So all good. Hope you’re having a good one x

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      3. Hello. 🙂 It has been a crazy 2 days at work so far, but it is to be expected. Year end, loads to do and hundreds of reports to finalize for the end of the year. This is seriously cutting into my blog reading time. 🙂
        Otherwise all well here. I have 4 weeks to go before I break for the summer holidays. Not long now, and then I can knit and craft again .
        Enjoy the week and take care.

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  6. I think I’m the only one not to have seen the bake off and I don’t know who won, so might add it to my watching list for when I’m sewing. I watched it for the first time last year (shock/horror i know!). Hope Mr Hicks is on the mend, I’ll read on and find out!

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