Web sales!!!!!

I’ve been saying web sales will arrive for so long, I’m not sure if any of you still believe me – I’m not sure I still believed me. But I finally clicked the button to go live and The Dartmoor yarn Company Shop is now open for business.


Lovely Littlest has pawed over the pages looking for errors and they’re looking okay to me. But if you spot any mistakes – even the tiniest typo, I’d be very grateful if you let me know. And if you have any challenges, questions or suggestions about the website do get in touch.


I’d also be very grateful if you spread the word to any knitters you know or those who might want to buy Christmas gifts for knitters.

Thank you!

Bekki Hill


18 thoughts on “Web sales!!!!!

  1. Well done Bekki – so stressful getting something like this up and running (we’re about to launch a new website at work!) and I hope you get lots of sales. I just love the little sheep – and the angels. Being a pedant … on the Pure Ryeland page the second sentence should maybe read “Not for garments close to sensitive skin”. Sorry but you did ask!!

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