South West Crafts

I’m really thrilled to tell you I now have a flock of unknitted sheep at South West Crafts in Tavistock. I’ve loved South West Crafts ever since we first moved here. They have such beautiful pieces by artists and crafts persons who live and work in Devon and Cornwall, and I’m honoured to see my little sheep kits alongside them.


If you’re local and you don’t know where South West Crafts is – I can’t believe that, but apparently lovely husband didn’t – they’re in the cut-through by the church. That’s right, the shop with all the lovely things in the window.  If you step inside it’s even lovelier and Jon the owner always makes you feel very welcome to browse. south-west-crafts-tavi

If you’re not local,  the website’s here. Oh go on,  take a peek.


Until next time,

Bekki Hill

14 thoughts on “South West Crafts

    1. Well posh 🙂 It is what I guess you call a gallery as much as shop, but there’s lots of affordable stuff and the owner is fab. I often feel that sort of place is staffed by people who make you feel you’re no good enough to be their shop/gallery. But Jon always makes you feel very comfortable to be there.


    1. Thank you. I referred to them as a flock the other day and someone thought I meant a real flock of sheep. Mind, I do live in the sort of place where people are way more likely to be selling real sheep than knitting kits 🙂 Have a great weekend. Hope it’s not been too windy with the sailing


      1. Lol I can imagine that…
        I haven’t been out sailing for a while and probably won’t again till March. Far too cold out there :-p

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