Sunday Sevens – 27th November

Joining in again this week with Sunday Sevens – the brainchild of Nathalie at Thread and Bobbins.

Apparently we had two  months worth of rain in the first two days of this week, which meant plenty of puddles to enjoy…



It also meant the cute little bridge, I showed you a couple of weeks ago,  that had appeared from beneath the water in Fernworthy reservoir…


…. all but vanished  back under the water.



Despite all the rain, I’ve had a lovely week.

On Monday Lovely littlest and her boyfriend came to visit…


On Tuesday I took a workshop on continental knitting with the wonderful and incredibly talented Anniken Allis


The workshop was at Spin a Yarn in Bovey Tracey. Spin a Yarn is a fabulous yarn shop with heaps and heaps of gorgeous wool and – as chance would have it – ten days before the workshop, they approached me to ask if I sold my sheep kits wholesale.


So I was absolutely delighted to take a delivery to them when I went for the workshop. Totally thrilled to have them as my newest stockist! Such a fab shop run by the lovely owner Joyce and her staff who are all lovely, enthusiastic and very very knowledgeable about all things yarn.

While I was out, Lovely Littlest and boyfriend began decorating her room. They carried on though the week, but wouldn’t let us see it until the big reveal on Saturday…

We were a bit worried about it being too dark, but it looks fabulous. Hard to see it properly in a photo – although I’m sure if I had one of those cameras estate agents have, I could show it much better to you.

In their down time we went out and about a fair bit, and on Friday we went to Tavistock’s Dickensian evening and the switching on of their Christmas lights…


We also visited the sheep kits in South West Crafts window….


On Saturday evening we went to the auction and bistro evening in our village hall – a fundraising event run by the playground committee, currently saving up for an all weather surface on the sports field.  We were lucky enough to make the winning bid for afternoon tea at the Endsleigh Hotel and to win a bottle of wine in the raffle.


Hope you’ve had a great week.

Bekki Hill

29 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – 27th November

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful week. Lots of rain this week. I travelled down from Worcester on Monday and there were lots of problems with the trains…

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    1. Thank you. Yes, a lovely, but busy week. Sorry to hear you had trouble on the trains. The trains into Exeter were stopping at Taunton becuase of flooding – I don’t know what people who need to to use them regularly do, but don’t get me started on our appalling rail provision down here.


      1. Yeah I know it’s really hard at times. Thankfully most of the time that I have had to use the trains down there they have been running ok. I only had about a 30 min delay in the last section of the journey so not too bad.

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      2. I’m thinking you parents may live on the wrong side of that bit of the line at Dawlish that gets washed away in the storms? Glad your journey wasn’t too bad – and as you said in your blog at least you can use it as knitting time 🙂


  2. We had a mini flood outside our front door and had to use the back doors for a few days. Seeing that bridge makes you wonder about the history of what was flooded to make the reservoir. I like to imagine a mini Atlantis! Glad your kits are creating loads of interest. Continental knitting method looks a lot like crochet but with two needles, doesn’t it? I’m very quick at knitting the English way so it probably wouldn’t be worth learning a different method now, but I might have a go just for fun.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your flood. We’re lucky here – however much it rains it always heads on down to the gorge. Yes, you tension the yarn very much as you do in crochet. I’m super speedy and – now i look at my continental; tension – neat too with British knitting and I can’t believe I’ll ever get as fast or as neat with continental knitting for most knitting. I really did it to save my hands when I’m older. However, I think using it for rib and moss stitch may eventually become faster and knitting fair isle easier too. It’s been a really interesting experience the last few days as I’ve practised and I’ll be posting about it this week.

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  3. So much rain! I must admit, one thing I don’t miss about dog walking in the U.K. was all the mud. Having to hose the dogs down after practically every walk was a nightmare. Of course there is rain, and mud, in my part of France (although not nearly so much) but as we live on a very steep hill, it all drains away before turning mucky
    The littlest made a lovely job of her room. Does this mean she is staking her claim on her part of the house in perpetuity? I wish she’d have a chat with my eldest who trashes her room when she comes to visit – just like the old days :/
    Would it be safe to say that your sheep kits are your most popular?

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    1. Ha ha! Barely a day goes by when I don’t get the hose out, but then I’m sure Mr Hicks could get muddy in a dessert. I was heartened that littlest was so keep to decorate – what it means I’m not sure. Sheep are most popular – although that is partly because most gift shops like them, but don’t want anything else woolly. Angels were phenomenally popular though at Stitch Fest South West and I and I sold all the other types of kits except sheep there!


    1. I love the colour. I was just worried it was a bit dark, but in the event it’s not. Great to have someone else not just do all the thinking about colour schemes, but to also decorate it. And it’s not like when they’re teenagers – this is like we’ve had real painters and decorators in for free 🙂

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  4. Another great week, love the bedroom, very distinctive. Amazing the amount of water needed to cover that bridge. Mr Hicks was enjoying himself in the big puddles. Brilliant wholesale order for the sheep. Looking forward to next weeks news. xxx

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  5. Congratulations on your new wholesale order! So happy to see your business is taking off! The little sheep are just adorable….perhaps I must take up knitting. Your daughter’s room is really striking, she’s quite talented. Happy, muddy days for Mr. Hicks. 😀

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  6. Such a great week. And Wow! So much rain. Unbelievable.
    Well done on the sheep kits, they are so cute. I love them, and I am sure everyone else does as well.
    It is starting to look very festive all over, and the lights are always my favourites.
    Have a great week. 🙂

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