Taking stock of 2016

January is the time when many of us set ourselves goal for the year. But before I set my goals, I like to look back at what I’ve achieved the year before. Here’s the thirteen creative goals I set myself at the beginning of 2016 and how I got on with them…

The ones I achieved:

  • 85% of my yarn purchases will be 100% British wool.
  • Only buy yarn when i know what I’m going to use it for – I stuck to this, if sock yarn counts, because one knows one will knit socks with sock yarn.
  • Attend at least two workshops – I attended three 🙂
  • Experiment/learn something new each month – I have totally lost track of how I did with this goal! But I’ve definitely done a lot of experimenting for the DYC, so overall I think I’ve achieved it.
  • Learn more about dyeing wool with plants and other natural products – A tick for this when I attended Jane Deane’s Natural dyeing workshop.

The ones I didn’t do so well on…

  • Make something for Christmas each month – Did this for about 4 months? – two being November and December!
  • Each weekend, when we’re not away or have visitors, I will make/do something for the house or garden- Definitely didn’t happen!
  • Knit Lovely Husband a Christmas Jumper – I’m 2/3 of the way up the back – opps!
  • Learn 6 new ways to knit a sock by knitting six different pairs of socks. I leaned three before I got bored with knitting socks…
  • Post at least six patterns on Ravelry  – I posted three.
  • Crochet regularly – Haven’t crochet in months.
  • Eliminate the UFO pile – Not very big, but there’s two things on it that were on it this time last year!
  • Think thoroughly before I take on any new project – Broke this rule when i very impulsively decided to knit an advent calendar of Santa sacks.


Five out of thirteen goals achieved doesn’t sound great, but to me the most important thing about setting goals, is not achieving them, but learning from them. So I’m going to round up the reasons I didn’t achieve 8/13 and see what I can learn.

Hope you learned a lot from any goals you set for last year!


29 thoughts on “Taking stock of 2016

  1. Yes – don’t set any!! Seriously, a few goals with elastic time constraints are fine for me as I lose the love otherwise. Sunday Sevens and Minerva keep me blogging regularly – anything else is a bonus!

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  2. Instead of setting goals I told myself I wouldn’t allow my fear to hold me back from trying things and that I had to trust my knitting skills. I ended the year with 68 FO’s and learned a lot this year. The only thing I’ve said I want to do this year is finally tackle learning colorwork!

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    1. WOW! That’s a a lot of FOs. Sounds like you definitely embraced your plan to feel the fear and do it anyway 🙂 I always think the great thing about knitting is you can always unravel it and start again – so what’s to loose? Have fun with the colour work!


  3. Launching a new business was such a big thing I think you achieved big time last year!. Learning from things we don’t achieve or struggle with is helpful. Like I learned that knitting is relaxation for me and struggling to concentrate on patterning was not relaxing!

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    1. You’re right, it was and definitely impacted on this list of goals. It’s interesting to hear about your knitting – although we may love something, working with it in a different way may not be so much to our liking. I’m definitely keeping an eye on how much and which bits of the business I’m enjoying and finding relaxing vs those I’m not. Wishing you many many relaxing knitting hours in 2017 🙂

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